Lezama wears blue

Two opposing streaks will meet at the premiere of the new fiefdom of Amorebieta. The zornotzarra team is looking for its first points against an Almería that has won everything.


This afternoon the Amorebieta fans will finally be able to cheer on their team after the historic feat of promotion. It will not be in his usual home in Urritxe, nor against a simple rival, Almería. It will also be the premiere of the blue home kit, after having dressed in black in Girona and in green in Miranda. Finally, 500 zornotzarras members will be supporting the team in Lezama for the first time, looking for the first goals and points in the Second Division. In front, the Almeria team, which adds three at a time and wants to continue at the top of the table, will not make it easy at all (follow the game live on As.com) .

Iñigo Vélez de Mendizabal does not hesitate to maintain his style of play despite not having been able to get points from the first two days. It continues with its idea of being a brave team with high pressure that makes the rival uncomfortable, although that may cause the opponents to come out quickly to the counterattack, precisely one of the weapons of Almería. The Gasteiztarra coach recovers troops on his right wing with the return of Zarrabeitia after overcoming his injury and the new arrival of Larrazabal, who aims to be important this season in that right-handed lane.

Guessing the starting eleven of the Amorebieta has been a really complex task. Velez de Mendizabal will probably continue to rely on the three central headlines from the first two games. Where there are more doubts is in the right lane, we will see if Vélez continues to relocate Olaetxea in that position or, on the other hand, places Zarra or Larrazabal, who have a new call-up. In the center of the field, with Larru as a fixed in the pivot, the unknown will be his companions, with the possibility that he can enter Iker Bilbao. Above, the good minutes of Unzueta in Miranda give him many ballots to start in Lezama.

For its part, Almería seeks to finish the week at the top of the table. From the Indálico changing room it has been repeated actively and passively that the red lantern of the Velez men is anecdotal to avoid relaxation. The rojiblancos are the best away team in the Second Division since the arrival of Turki Al-Sheikh and already in Cartagena they showed that the intention is to take the ball away from the Mediterranean as well. He will look for that today also in Lezama, proposing through possession and accumulating a large number of players in the rival field. With his departure further and further away, the great threat is Sadiq, well orchestrated by Lazo and Ramazani.

Everything indicates that Rubi will repeat the eleven that he imposed on Oviedo nine days ago, although the Almería must improve defensively, with the challenge of leaving a clean sheet for the first time this season. Those who will not be Juan Villar and Portillo, still injured, while Robertone, between cottons during the week, has recovered and aims to start, Puigmal running as his substitute in the event that the Argentine is not one hundred percent. A new victory would reaffirm his candidacy for promotion, without being a coincidence and the good league start.Possible keys to the match

Valentía. Amorebieta does not hesitate to press up and accumulate players in attack. A risk that causes the back to be neglected in favor of the rival.

Head. It will be the first game for the Blues in front of their fans, something that will give a mental boost. Almería arrives with the confidence of two victories.

Solid. The people of Almeria fit in Cartagena and against Oviedo. Even without Carriço, the rear must show more to continue fighting for promotion.

Dynamite. Rubi has gunpowder at the top, both that contributed by his attack men and what the arrivals from the second line generate.Aces to follow

Unzueta: He was the best in the half hour he played in Anduva. Amorebieta's best chances came in his boots. Great mobility and good shooting.

Lazo: The man from Cádiz, who wears the bracelet, has renewed this week until 2027. He is being one of the best rojiblancos at the beginning of the course.Ups and downs

Amorebieta: Aldalur continues with its recovery. Zarrabeitia, recovered, and Larrazabal, recently arrived, enter the call.

Almería: Portillo and Juan Villar leave due to injury. Robertone fully recovered from his discomfort.

Previous statements

Vélez de Mendizabal, Amorebieta coach: “I see the team well, it has been two days without scoring points, but we have created opportunities to score a goal. We have a very clear idea and we are all going together. The team is brave and that is why it creates so many chances. For us it is better to be close to the rival area than to be in the back. ”

“The Almería has been with a high budget for many years and with the objective of moving up. It is a very good team and with three players at the top with a lot of danger. They have very fast people, good at transitions and also to have the ball. We will try to do damage with our weapons, causing them to feel uncomfortable and not give us chances with their speed up. ”

Rubi, Almería coach: “In the Second Division, each game is a totally different story. The leadership is anecdotal. What we have seen of the Amorebieta so far is very good. It is a brave team that generates goal situations. He has zero points, but he could take some now. ”

“Amorebieta is a team that pressures at a very high intensity and that will damage our game. He is going to make it difficult for us with the ball taken from behind. It demands a lot of concentration from you and on top of that you will be hungry to achieve your first points. It will be a historic day for them to be first at home in this category. ”

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