Less revolution than expected

The more than possible continuities of players whose marches were almost certain to stop the operation entering Almería.


There are barely twelve days left until the summer window closes (on Tuesday 31st, at 11:59 pm) and the expected revolution in Almería will not be such. Rubi has asked on more than one occasion for both reinforcements for the defensive line and experience for the team in general and Joao Gonçalves and Mohamed El Assy, in charge of planning the squad, will close those troops to the satisfaction of the Vilasarense. However, the squad will not move as much as it was intended a month ago for two reasons: continuities of players whose departures seemed practically safe and Rubi's own desire to maintain a certain base from last season.

Regarding the latter, the rojiblanco coach has been in favor of not ending up marching down the exit ramp footballers with lesser names, in the case of Buñuel, Chumi, Ibiza or Centelles. In fact, the first two, substitutes last year, were from the game on Monday at Cartagonova. Of course, from the Vega de Acá offices they are aware that in the days that remain in the market, better offers may still arrive for some of the main assets, such as Sadiq, Samu Costa or Akieme. Whoever wants them will have to rip his pocket; Not in vain, in this summer the Almeria club disbursed 5.25 million euros to take ownership of the Portuguese (Sporting de Braga had its rights) and 3.5 million in the Spanish-Equatorial Guinean (to Barcelona B).Those who will leave with total security will be Vada, with a contract until 2024, and Aguza, until 2023. The Argentine and the Catalan were 'separated' from the beginning of the preseason and have not facilitated their departure, clinging to what they have signed. However, these marches do not influence the planning of the workforce, since they are not available from the beginning. Other players who have been in the pools all summer to leave the Indálica entity are Makaridze, Centelles, Buñuel, Ibiza, Chumi, Martos and Appiah, assuring internal sources to the club that the UDA will not look for a way out if there are no interesting proposals for the two parties or opportunities to reinforce those positions 444 444

Maras, for its part, is in the starting orbit, with different teams asking for its services, such as Elche, Cádiz and Goztepe. The first two have requested its transfer, while the Turks have presented an offer to buy it, with the intention of Almería to sell it. Daniel Carriço is the name that has sounded loudest to replace the Serbian. The 33-year-old Portuguese central defender is in Wuhan after arriving in 2020 from Sevilla. In addition, Almería is also working on the incorporation of a winger and an interior, without ruling out reinforcing positions such as midfielder or forward.

At the moment, the UDA has dispatched 17 casualties and has barely made four signings, all at zero cost, and made official during the first days of the market, in the case of Nieto, Puigmal, Curro Sánchez and Portillo. Thus, the revolution to which the sheikh is accustomed could be greater. Two years ago, he made a dozen additions in just one month (he arrived in Almería at the beginning of August): Balliu, Maras, Rosic, Petrovic, Jonathan, Lazo, Ozornwafor, Vada, Coric, Darwin, Appiah and Juan Muñoz. In winter he made another seven: Kaptoum, Sivera, Costas, Villalba, Barbero, Francis and Enzo Zidane. For its part, in the last summer window, the rojiblanco club incorporated up to 17 new faces: Ramazani, Morlanes, Aketxe, Chumi, Samu, Villar, Makaridze, Olivera, Buñuel, Mendes, Akieme, Cuenca, Carvalho, Robertone, Centelles, Escobar and Sadiq, plus loans from Ivanildo, Brian, and Schettine in winter.

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