Leo effect to "stop making everyone feel bad"

The schedule to which PSG has submitted Leo Messi in his first hours has been marathon. An attempt to attract sympathy outside of Paris for a very underrated club.


Leo Messi, by himself, is capable of allowing millions of people, many of them boys and girls from all over the world, to see Paris Saint Germain with different eyes. The impact of the arrival of the Argentine to a club that no one, except his most unconditional fans and that is limited to the Greater Paris area, supports in the rest of France and that the Europe of the old sports regime looks down on its shoulder as a The new rich man who, despite having all the money in the world, cannot boast of a family tree, can change this situation.

For the first time in a long time, PSG has a global football consensus figure far from phobias. To understand us, it does not provoke or have the life of Neymar or the surly character of Ibrahimovic. For a team like PSG that is used to not conquering anyone outside its sphere of influence, having Messi opens a new door for them to gain followers. There are more Messi people in the world than PSG.

It is for this reason, that from the first moment, the Parisian club has proposed to squeeze the Messi seam as if it were a lemon. To everyone's surprise, including the footballer himself, Leo submitted to the strict public, media and commercial relations program prepared for him by the PSG communication and marketing team on the day of his presentation.

Messi gave more interviews yesterday than in the last five years at Barça. They were short, it could not be otherwise, but Messi spoke yesterday with the main television channels in France and the world and also had an aside with a select pool of specially selected prestigious international newspapers. And without forgetting the new forms of entertainment with impressive appearances on social media channels.

The explanation that came from the club was very clear. Sources from the communication department of the Parisian team, very prepared and very sympathetic people who help in whatever way they can, but who are very clear that they are not going to let you skip the rule of "from Barcelona no wonder", they assured: "We are a global club and our intention is to be open to the major media from around the world. " The idea is this. With the player from Argentina, Brazil, Spain, France and Italy, PSG wants to be the epitome of those who love football. Or as a veteran French journalist summed up after Messi's press conference, "they want to stop everyone from falling down" .

But the activity with Messi, went beyond the media. Messi will be with the main sponsors of PSG, will attend events and will be available for publicity campaigns. In fact, his speech at the launch press conference went beyond commercial commitments with the glowing praise he made of the city of Paris. His T-shirt on arrival was no coincidence either.

Photos from as.com

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