Leganés clings to a forward 'in diapers' against Real B

Without signings to act as '9', the goal will be up to the youth squad Diego García and Manu Garrido. Sabin Merino has been edged to the extreme left.


The Leganés will face his debut in the League with his forward 'in diapers'. More or less original metaphor to explain that his chick, the youth team members, will be except surprise or turn of the blackboard (that with Garitano everything is possible) those in charge of looking for a goal in the opposite goal. Without signings up front so far this summer (at least two battering rams are being sought in Butarque), it will be Diego García and Manu Garrido who will fight for the only position of '9' compared to Real Sociedad B in Zubieta (Saturday 14 August 17:00).Sabin, a striker at the extreme

That number, the number '9', is carried on La Avenida de los Eleven Leones by a forward. Sabin Merino, owner of the scoring number, should be at the top of the attack. This is what his ID card says of a breastfed attacker in the Lezama and San Mamés area. It is true that Urdúliz's player also knows how to play on the left side, but he feels more comfortable when he steps into the area. His ease of reaching the rival area is enough argument to consider him, indeed, more battering ram than extreme. More killer than dribbler.

However, if something has become clear in this preseason, it is that (for now) Garitano does not have him as a center forward, but as a resource for his left-handed side, where he has repeatedly lined him up without space to occupy the front. So much so that even José Arnáiz, extreme by nature or, at best, second striker, has served as '9' this summer (he did it against Fuenlabrada). All before placing Sabin as an offensive stiletto. By the way, the experiment of giving Arnáiz the most advanced position did not help much. It was more shipwreck than a thread for hope.

Diego against Manu

The fact is that, with Sabin Merino disconnected on the side, the quarry has exercised in that forward position with Diego García and Manu Garrido fighting for the position and, incidentally, the option of staying with the elders no longer as interns, but as full members of the Blue and White squad. In the distribution of goals, the second (Garrido) has beaten the first (Diego) .

The goal that the former Hercules did to Alcorcón last Saturday morning (a great goal from spur) places him statistically ahead of a Diego who, however, started that day in the eleven against Rayo Vallecano for the afternoon. The eleven arranged in front of the Strip is called to be more titular than that of the morning session.

Marc's alternative

Does that mean that Diego will be from the game and not Garrido? Not necessarily. Garitano insists that these games are nothing more than "quality training." It would not be the first time that the tests of the last day remain on steamy tracks. Nothing that really means the eleven that goes through the head of the Bergara coach.

And in the midst of that battle of homegrown players to exercise at the top of the attack, Marc Echarri, Leganés B striker signed this summer from Rayo B and who, in the face of this drought of attackers, has also taken the opportunity to have a presence with the elderly, although in a more specific way.

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