LeBron and Carmelo are left alone: the end of a magical Draft

With the arrival of Kyle Korver to the Nets as a player development assistant, they will be the sole representatives of the historic 2003 litter.


All good (and bad, fortunately) has an end. At least, in a way. The best, then, persists over time. That will happen with the 2003 Draft. One of the best ever. Or the best. The "New era", as Sports Illustrated magazine called it at the time. From one to five: LeBron James, Darko Milicic, Carmelo Anthony, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade. Legends of the best league in the world with the exception of the Serbian interior. In keeping with the size of the litter, one of the biggest mistakes ever. It was a personal gamble by Joe Dummars, unforgettable Bad Boys guard, who tried to get into Larry Brown's mind to get the pick right. Detroit Pistons won the ring in 2004, but much of the years since have been dominated by the main faces of the historic litter. Especially, of course, for LeBron. In the season of the aforementioned championship, Milicic averaged 4.7 minutes per game and his NBA career found the end in 2012, after having been on ten teams during the six years in the United States.With more or less weight as a representative of the generation, it was the goodbye of one of its members. Something that has been repeated, uninterruptedly, until today, with only two active members. It is the law of life. And basketball. Recently, Kyle Korver left Carmelo and The King alone. The eternal tripler has not officially announced his retirement as a basketball player, but it is intuited. Last season, without a team, he no longer played a single minute in the competition and the next, at 40, he will become part of the Brooklyn Nets coaching team. Specifically, he will serve as a player development assistant. Behind him, 17 campaigns in the North American league and an idyll with long distance that acquires legendary overtones: he is the fourth player in history with the most triples made. In total, 2,450 hits from the perimeter that shape its 11,953 points. The latter, with the Milwaukee Bucks.

A sensitive low, with a lot of imprint on the pages of the litter. One that, from the beginning, appeared with an exceptional narrative: the definitive retirement of Michael Jordan. In a way, the opportunity for a replacement that, to this day, still battles, in the form of LeBron, for the throne of Olympus. In 2019, Wade, after delaying goodbye for a year, was playing his last game, with the Heat jersey, against the Nets. In style, with a triple-double: 25 points, 11 rebounds and 10 assists. That same year, likewise, Bosh also announced his final retirement. He, however, did it after three years without being able to dress short due to problems with clots. Together, they would achieve, in 2012 and 2013, achieve glory with a dream Big Three. The best possible image to remember the grandeur of that 2003, which does not stop there in terms of champions. Boris Diaw, Kendrick Perkins, Jason Kapono, Luke Walton, Matt Bonner, and James Jones also held Larry O'Brien in their hands.

Now, in Los Angeles, they will seek to add one more name to the list. LeBron and Carmelo have finally found each other. It was a mutual wish and, after 18 years of experience and at 36 and 37, respectively, they have seen it fulfilled. "Bron came up to me once and said that this was the moment, that he wanted me to join him and that we had to make this happen. And yeah, I felt like this is the best moment too. Most people I would say that we should have gotten together years ago at the beginning of our careers, but we were in two different lanes, we were in two different paths, "said Melo after confirming his arrival at the Lakers. Friends, but always rivals, they will share the same goal while other generation colleagues already watch them, like Korver, from the sidelines. This is the case of Walton, from the Sacramento Kings bench, or Jame Jones, as director of operations at Phoenix Suns. 2003 is close to its last dance ... and the couple is hardly better.

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