Las Palmas measures its potential against Valladolid

The yellows, with many new faces this season, face tonight what is possibly the most powerful squad in LaLiga Smartbank.


Las Palmas and Valladolid open the season with the conviction of being able to win in the league debut and start off on the right foot this long competition such as the Second Division (follow the game live on .

Demanding start of the course which awaits UD Las Palmas, directed by Pepe Mel, with three level matches such as this initial one against the recently released Valladolid and the next ones against Girona and, another of the teams that have been downgraded , the Huesca. However, the Madrid coach is not intimidated by the calendar and hopes that against Pacheta's team his team will maintain its own style, impose itself and make the Valladolid team uncomfortable.With an eleven more or less clear and solid, in the absence of any possible surprise, as Mel warned in the previous press conference, the island team will start with Raúl Fernández in goal, who will play a league game again after two years of injuries , and a defense formed by Lemos, Ferigra, Navas and Benito. In the center of the field will be the two captains Sergio Ruiz and Maikel Mesa, with the doubt of seeing who will be the third companion. Loiodice, Moleiro and Mfulu are the great candidates. The coach will have to choose for a more offensive bet, with the creative French player or the Gran Canaria youth squad who has shown a high level in preseason, or on the contrary, for a more conservative scheme with the international for the Congo. Already in attack, what is expected is that Pejiño will be on the right wing, Peñaranda on the left wing and the Albanian Sadiku on the top. In this way, Jesé, who overcame COVID-19 a few weeks ago, would not be at the top and will wait for his opportunity from the bench.

With these wickers the yellows hope to sink their teeth into the almighty Valladolid, which, without a doubt, is one of the clear favorites to regain its place in the First Division, taking into account that it practically has the same squad as last season. And, to achieve this first victory, the insulares will have an extra help, since they will once again enjoy the warmth of their fans in an enclosure of 7 Palmas that will have an audience after more than a year and a half, when the insulares faced Malaga last February 2020 (1-1). Around 10,000 faithful are expected this Sunday.

For their part, Valladolid attends the meeting with the intention of showing on the field what is said outside: that they are favorites for promotion. They don't believe it, but they want to prove it. With a rare preseason, in which they only played three games due to covid cases and no signings, the squad is the same as last season with the good and bad things that this entails.

Pacheta has insisted since his arrival on the intention of promoting the virtues of his players and adapting their training to those who are better. That is why he will start in the Canary Islands with a 5-3-2, although he affirms that it is 3-5-2, with very long sides, three strong centrals and two forwards of the best in the category. The rhythm, the effort, the pressure and the prominence with the ball are not negotiated. First stage of the 42 of the marathon to try to return to Primera by fast track.

Last confrontation between the two

It must be remembered that both teams have not seen each other since the promotion semifinals of the 2014/2015 season, where the yellows tied one at José Zorrilla and zero in Gran Canaria, they got the pass to the final and, later, they surpassed Zaragoza to reach the First Division. Since then, they have not met again in the same category.

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