"Every lap that held Hamilton was gold to win"

Alonso, fifth at Alpine, held off Hamilton to contribute to Ocon's triumph: "Lewis always made the same mistakes, I expected it to happen to me."


Fernando Alonso, fifth in Alpine and happy for the triumph of his teammate, Ocon. He contained Hamilton for ten laps and facilitated the victory of his team, because the Englishman would have reached the head of the race train. The Asturian, in Dazn.

Crazy race and victory for Ocon: “We had very bad luck at the start, I could have been in the position of Esteban, or Sebastian, we started eighth, ninth and tenth and going on the outside in the first corner was bad for us, because we lost a lot positions. But the top-5 is the best result of the year for me, and this totally unexpected victory is the best result of the team. We have had all the luck that we lacked with Esteban, he will never forget this victory and it is the first with the Alpine name. Enjoy it, because you will remember this day forever. ”

Fight with Hamilton, like that of Schumacher in Imola: “Schumacher was three tenths faster, Hamilton had a second of a car and another of wheels. But I always made the same mistakes in the last three corners and couldn't get ahead. I was waiting for him to make the last normal corner and pass me. Which is what he did with Carlos, he made the last normal corner and it lasted one lap. But each lap that held Hamilton was gold for victory, because if he had not reached the head of the race ”.

About the start (Bottas took Verstappen on): "Some of them did teamwork today ..." .

Photos from as.com
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