LaLiga's pitch brings Messi, Mbappé and Haaland closer

The LaLiga-CVC agreement will provide an 'extra' to Real Madrid and Barcelona that will provide them with a salary gap that they can use to adjust their templates.


LaLiga has announced an agreement with the international investment fund CVC that comes from the hand of an economic contribution of 2,700 million euros to the Spanish competition in exchange for 10% of its value. Of these, as confirmed by the employers, 90% will go to the clubs, being, as AS has learned, 15% of these 2,430 million will go directly to the teams' own squads. Thus, the renewal and subsequent registration of Messi or the signing of Kylian Mbappé or Erling Haaland by Real Madrid receive significant support.The distribution of the amounts will be based on the television income of the last seven seasons and the agreement is expected to be approved this Wednesday by the LaLiga Delegate Commission, explain sources consulted by this newspaper. A posteriori, an extraordinary General Assembly will be in charge of giving the final brushstroke to an operation that is expected to crystallize before the start of LaLiga next Friday, August 13, since this second meeting is scheduled for next week.The context

These television rights in centralized sales have depended for several years on many variables: 50% is distributed equally, 25% for sporting merits and the remaining 25% for social implantation (season tickets, ticket offices ...). Therefore, Barcelona and Real Madrid are the ones that will receive a greater amount of those 291.6 million euros that can be invested in retouching of templates. For example, the latest cast published by LaLiga last January. In it, the Catalans were the ones who earned the most money with 165 million euros, for the 156.2 of the white team out of a total of 1,417 million to distribute. A new television contract will be renegotiated next year and will be in force for three more courses, but the previous one serves to provide context and amounts to the operation. Always in approximate figures, Barça will receive around 11.6% of those 291.6: 34 million euros. While for Madrid it would be about 32 million (11% of the total) .

In addition, this powerful economic injection, as AS has learned, will serve to subsidize the works in the stadiums that all teams are undertaking at the moment, whether of greater or lesser depth. And it is that, it is not only the Santiago Bernabéu that is undergoing a remodeling, since the teams are taking advantage of the summer break to make various modifications to their respective homes. As well as it will allow the Clubs to refinance the existing debt, enhanced by the ravages caused by COVID-19.

The totals are as follows: 70% must go to investments and infrastructures (as in the case of stadiums), 15% to refinance the debt and losses due to COVID and the remaining 15% must go to increase the salary limits of the workforce. This last percentage, in addition, can be invested in the next three years, although it is the clubs, according to '2Playbook', who choose the terms of their investment depending on their needs: they will be able to use it in one, two or three years. That is, the amounts will be received once every three years, when television rights are renegotiated.

Messi, Mbappé and Haaland, on stage

Hence this agreement is directly related to the 'Messi case' and the potential signing of Mbappé. Barcelona, along with Levante, was the team that faced the summer with less relief in order to articulate a sports project according to expectations. The need to exit large contracts (Umtiti, Pjanic or even Griezmann) to accommodate not only the renewal of Leo, but also the registration of newcomers (Depay, Eric García and Agüero), is the best example of this. In fact, Barça himself admitted a short-term debt of 730 million euros.

With regard to Madrid, although the economic belt tightens less, it cannot be forgotten that the club has launched a salary reduction plan to alleviate the effects of the pandemic and the heavy outlay involved in undertaking a work like that of the new Bernabéu, estimated at 570 million euros. This endorsement can help the Whites in their desire to win Kylian Mbappé and Erling Haaland.

The one of Bondy does not stop giving long to PSG, but his transfer would mean a titanic payment to the French entity if it were given this summer (contract ends in 2022). Similarly, although the demands of Borussia Dortmund to sell the Norwegian cyborg will drop next year, on the Paseo de la Castellana they will have to scratch their pockets. However, the biggest headache would be to square the arrival of two salaries that would potentially exceed the highest paid of the current staff. Something that the approximate extra 32 million euros available to the whites would help to fight, as they could decide how to use them.

The LaLiga-CVC agreement is what in economics is called 'holding' and the contract is for four decades, according to '2Playbook'. "The funds will be transferred to the clubs in a 40-year white credit format, so that the interest rates will be very low and the fiscal blow will be less than if they were targeted as an extraordinary income," says this portal specialized in the industry of the sport. Those are the years that the clubs have to return that credit granted by CVC. Curiously, Andrea Agnelli, president of Juventus, has already tried to close a similar agreement in Serie A, but in this case he ended up being blocked because the top Bianconero leader was accused of playing two-cushion.

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