Jon Rahm's sadness

Exclusion from the Olympics for a coronavirus positive stranger still stings. "It hurts me a lot to remember it," says the Barrika Lion.


Jon Rahm returned to the public scene after the painful news that left him out of the Games: a stranger positive for coronavirus, the second in a period of just two months and already vaccinated. And he has returned, precisely, with that thorn still deeply stuck: "It still makes me sad when I remember it." Rahm was very excited to participate in Tokyo 2020, because it represented a radically different scenario than the one he frequents, a championship where you do not compete only for yourself, but for a country. That is very difficult in professional golf, because there are no national team events. The closest thing is the Ryder Cup: the United States against Europe. That illusion was expressed on the eve of the Olympic event and it has been repeated now in the Northern Trust preview, the first of the three FedEx Cup playoff tournaments, one of the competitions on the planet that distributes the most succulent prizes. Pure contrast to Tokyo. "I wanted to win the gold, of course, but simply representing Spain and having been part of their medal table would have been something enormous," says the León de Barrika.

Rahm regrets more because, in his opinion, he was not infected with COVID-19. His positive came after several negatives in a row and he did not suffer from any symptoms of the disease. His experience is one of the many mysteries that still surround the pandemic and that can only be solved by the scientific community. Sport can do little, except set a regulation for everyone, just as it does to referee its competitions. Jon's case was not unique in the Games, there were more athletes excluded. And the same has happened in other events: last year, for example, two entire teams had to leave the Giro. The wound will end up closing, it is logical that it hurts. And we will have to hope that he can be completely healed in Paris 2024. Rahm is young. And there is not so much left.

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