JJ Barea returns to the Mavericks

After playing part of last season with Movistar Estudiantes, the Puerto Rican will be part of the technical team of the Texas franchise.


New addition to Dallas Mavericks. Not just any one. According to Brad Townsend, a reporter for the Dallas Morning News, JJ Barea will be part of the organization's technical team. "I'm going to be involved and I'm very excited," Barea himself explains to the Texan environment. In this way, even if the franchise has not officially announced it, it can be taken for granted. His role within the team, however, remains to be determined. Surely, yes, it is closely related to coaching tasks. Without going any further, in the last game of the Summer League, the Puerto Rican was working as an assistant coach.

The news could already be glimpsed. In fact, in the midst of the maelstrom of changes within the organization's structure, his name already rang out loudly. Now, it is confirmed. Furthermore, Barea's intentions at the end of his playing career were no secret either. "I have a great relationship, as you know, with Mark (Cuban) and with everyone at the Mavericks, so they know ... I want to be in touch with the team for the next two years and then when possible to gain technical experience. , I want to continue preparing to train. I would love to work for the Mavericks and be in Dallas and be part of the franchise forever, "he confessed on his departure from the team, just two seasons ago. So, I was leaving 11 courses behind in the franchise. Virtually his entire career in the best league in the world, which also featured three seasons at the Minnesota Timberwolves. His successes, however, are linked to the team led by Luka Doncic today, with whom he met on the track.

In 2011, Barea achieved the championship ring alongside Dirk Nowitzki. In that season, he played 81 games as a starter and averaged 9.5 points and 3.9 assists in 20.6 minutes. In Dallas, with all this, he is widely loved. For his collective achievements, but also for a special harmony with the fans who, in fact, have led him to be one of the most appreciated figures of recent times. "Dallas is my second home. It's just special, man. It's the happiest place I've ever played basketball," he added excitedly in his farewell as a Texas player.

His landing, on the other hand, takes place in a year of many experiences for Barea. At the end of January, he arrived at Movistar Estudiantes to try to rectify a situation that, finally, has led to the current one: the relegation to LEB Oro. Despite this, he was not present in the certification of the same, since he left the team before playing the last meeting of the season. "Due to family commitments I will not be able to participate in the last game of the season that was originally scheduled for May 13. My commitment was until May 14, the date the season ended. It was not until last week that the last game was changed to 21. I want to thank the great student fans for the great reception and attention they had with me. My experience with the Students Club was very good and I will never forget them, "he declared after his controversial departure.

Now, at the Dallas offices, you will meet with Nowitzki, who serves as special advisor for the franchise. They will be two of the new pieces of a totally renewed organization chart, which also has Nico Harrison as director of operations, replacing Donnie Nelson, and with Jason Kidd as head coach, after picking up the baton from Rick Carlisle. A very different team from the one he left, despite the short time, and to which he returns to be part of his transformation. One that pretends to be definitive and, precisely, with the airs of that champion team of which he was part.

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