Jesé is sweet

The canary scored the equalizer for Las Palmas against Valladolid, which was advanced by Marcos André. Benito ended up expelled in the discount.


Merit tie ... This is what UD Las Palmas can say against Real Valladolid after this match. An encounter with surprises, as Mel said in the previous one, in which he lined up Maikel Mesa, and Kirian in the middle, with Sadiku in the lead. From there, the team had to work on defense due to the push of Real Valladolid until the visitor's goal arrived in the second half.

Pacheta's team had taken the lead with a goal by Marcos André and UD was left stagnant with the result, but Pepe Mel moved chips and made his team resurface. For this reason, in the second half, the island team shook and, shortly after receiving the goal, against, Jesé put the equality on the field of play after a great center from Benito and a splendid shot to the visiting squad.

In this way, Las Palmas does not miss the first three points of the season, although it could have been more if Mel's men had not left the failed opportunities. Distribution of points to start the cruise ship clash and it seems, with this version, that UD Las Palmas is there to stand up to the greats of the category and aspire to something more.There is a season and both coaches know it after this first major blow. Gran Canaria roared again, but the important thing is that two teams with craftsmanship that yearn to return to the First Division through the ball were seen again.

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