If in Lagos and Gamoniteiro we have nothing, turn off and let's go

The favorites have to move more. They give a lot of feeling of nonconformity. And meanwhile, Roglic has everything under control with the final time trial.


On yesterday's stage what was expected happened: if in Villuercas they did not move, in El Barraco there would not be much movement. If the favorites want to make the podium at La Vuelta, what they are doing is not worth it. You have to move before. The salvageable thing was Majka's. He is a rider of great quality who was signed by UAE to work for Pogacar on the Tour. And in the Vuelta he had the opportunity to win a stage and he took advantage of it.

For his part, Eiking should not be detracted, but he remains the leader due to the lack of battle we have had these days. I have the feeling that the favorites do not want to win, as of nonconformity. They must be thinking about the two stages of Asturias, because if not, I have no other explanation. And some may fall short, because the one who has everything under control is Roglic with the time trial of the last day.

Tomorrow is for sprinters to take advantage of. What I do hope is that the rest day will help those who want to win this Vuelta to get back on their feet, there is not much ground left. There is less and less left and opportunities are running out. The stage that may surprise you is the one that ends in Mos. Perhaps not many have it and, there yes, some will play it. If in Lagos and Gamoniteiro we have nothing, turn off and let's go.

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