Humility cure at Bayern

Nagelsmann begins his stage in the German champion drawing at home to Mönchengladbach giving a rather poor image.


Bayern is aiming for their 10th Bundesliga in a row, but it won't be a walk. Borussia Mönchengladbach was in charge of reminding him. Nagelsmann lined up an eleven very similar to the one he will line up in the big spring events. He couldn't count on Pavard and instead brought out Stanisic, a 21-year-old who had already debuted last season. In the center of defense, without Alaba or Boateng after many years, Süle was the veteran alongside Upamecano, Bayern's only great signing of the summer. And its official presentation could not be worse.However, this eleven guy was slow to wake up from the preseason. In the first half hour, Mönchengladbach dominated the game. He set a frenetic pace and, without having to press too hard (which he also did), he was able to steal Bayern off the ball. The back of the two centrals was a gift that they took advantage of several times until they found the well-deserved goal.

From then on, Bayern took out the competitive gene that characterizes them so much and turned the game around. Kimmich, who did not sign the best game of his life, began to help in the exit of the ball and Lewandowski more and more participated in the frontal. A rehearsed play at the exit of a corner allowed the former to assist the latter to tie the game.

It was a match with great goalkeepers. Neuer saved the visiting moments of weakness (with permission from a terrible Thuram failure) and Sommer, one of the men of the match, several times avoided the 1-2.

The Borussia-Park fans have reasons to complain about two possible penalties, each one more clearly, from Upamecano to Thuram that the referee did not even review in the VAR. Only a yellow card could stop Adi Hutter's protests.

Finally, the match came to an end with a fair draw, exciting for Mönchengladbach and quite cold for Bayern.

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