How much money does Chelsea take to win the European Super Cup and how much would it take in the Super League?

We tell you the amount as a prize that Chelsea, champion of the first continental tournament of the season, will win after beating Villarreal on penalties.


Chelsea has been proclaimed champion of the European Super Cup. The team led by Tuchel has prevailed in the first major continental match of the season on penalties after initial goals from Ziyech and Gerard Moreno. UEFA had set this appointment as the first match of the 2021/2022 season and has done so with an audience in Belfast. In fact, some 12,000 spectators have turned out to Windsor Park.

One of the great attractions of this match was seeing the two best teams in Europe at the end of last season: Unai Emery's Villarreal and Thomas Tuchel's Chelsea. The yellow submarine pocketed around € 30.6m after winning the Europa League against Manchester United, while the 'blues' took € 106.65m after beating Manchester City in the grand final in Porto.

To this must be added what all teams earn from the market pool, which is part of UEFA's revenue sharing. But how much money has the champion of this European Super Cup made?UEFA Prize in the European Super Cup

Unlike the other two major continental competitions, the European Super Cup only distributes one million euros in prizes to the winner. In addition, Chelsea and Villarreal received € 3.5M for playing this game as a result of winning the Champions League and the Europa League respectively and another for winning it.

Therefore, Chelsea will take 4.5 million euros to lift the first continental title of the season. In addition, the XXX team took € 106.65M / € 30.6M for winning the Champions / Europa League. Villarreal receives € 3.5M.

How much would they take in the Super League?

The threat of the Super League caused UEFA to increase revenues to the clubs participating in the Champions League. The highest European body went from distributing 1,269 million euros to 1,950 among the teams competing in the tournament. This represents an increase of 53%. Real Madrid took € 57.4M after winning the competition in 2014. Just four years later, in 2018, they received € 88.6M after raising La Orejona in 2018. A considerable difference. Liverpool, with the entry into force of the new distribution in the 2018-2021 triennium, took 111 million euros to win the Champions League, and Chelsea 106.65M. Almost double what whites entered five years ago. The data speaks for itself.

However, that amount is far from the figure that the Super League would report to the clubs. To begin with, the 12 founding clubs, which included the two finalists of the current edition of the Champions League, and the other three that were on the way to joining the project, would distribute 4,000 million. The promoters of the competition chaired by Florentino Pérez estimated that the tournament champion would receive around 400 million and, just for participating, they would receive more than € 300M according to the Financial Times. This figure would mean multiplying by more than three the income, for example, that Bayern took (117.95 million) for winning the Champions League last season or what Chelsea entered.

Currently, UEFA distributes - by results in the tournament - in the Champions League some € 2.7m for each victory in the group stage and for each draw € 900,000. But there is not the thing. For reaching the round of 16 they will bag 9.5 'kilos, for going to the quarterfinals they will win € 10.5M and for playing the semifinals € 12M. Finally, the two teams that manage to compete in the grand final will receive € 15M. The champion will get € 4M more. In the Europa League, the distribution is smaller but the clubs receive 570,000 euros for a win and 190,000 euros for a draw. The group winner gets € 1M and the second € 500,000. For reaching the round of 32 they pocketed another € 500,000, for going to the round of 16 they won € 1.1M, 1.5 million for reaching the quarterfinals and € 2.4M for playing the semifinals. Finally, the two teams that manage to compete in the grand final receive € 4.5M. The champion takes € 4M more.

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