How can PSG cope with the signing of Messi?

Although Leonardo presented an item to the DNCG in which they wanted to sell for 180 million, the Parisians have the solvency to cover the economic losses.


The PSG was, without a doubt, the team that lost the most money last season in Ligue 1. The LFP made public the accounts of the Parisian team in June and they showed losses of 124 million. A deficit that amounts to 250 as of July 1, the date on which this year began, according to L'Équipe. The question that the fan in France is asking is how the club can cope with the signing of Messi, something that, although it leaves doubts, is economically possible.

The DNCG, the body in charge of the financial accounts of the clubs in France, aims to ensure the economic survival of the Ligue 1 teams. In other words, that the clubs guarantee in their accounts that, despite having losses, they can cover them with solvency and do not financially drown through unaffordable deficits. Although they require balancing accounts to avoid free will, it is known that Al-Khelaïfi has money to spare to mitigate short-term losses.

However, the departure presented by Leonardo in June has to be fulfilled to some extent. As reported by L'Équipe a month ago, PSG was forced to sell to try to reach that threshold of 180 million, or at least get closer. It is not an obligation that they reach this figure, but the DNCG could give a wake-up call to the PSG in case it increases its losses considerably without there being sales revenue.

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