Hawks make Bring gold: 207 million in five years

The Hawks star signs his maximum rookie extension and will earn 207 million in five years from 2022. Gilgeous-Alexander does the same.


Trae is made of gold. The Hawks have taken care of it at the beginning of free agency, an always frantic market opening in which there have been different movements and it has been taken advantage of to sign a maximum extension in which five years are added to Trae's contract, which It ends in 2022, the year in which it would have a player option that is automatically canceled to give validity to the new extension. Young has had a meteoric season in which he has led his team to the Eastern Conference finals, something they have done for the second time since they traded St. Louis for Atlanta in 1968. The point guard has averaged more than 25 points and 9 assists per game, and although the All Star was lost due to the bad drift that his team had (14-20 in March), he managed the situation and averaged 28.8 points in the playoffs.

The rookie contract extension can be maximum or super maximum. For the second case, the players have to meet a series of conditions, such as being MVP, Defender of the Year, or entering one of the Best Quintets of the season. Trae does not meet them yet, but he will be able to do so next year, so we are talking about a qualified contract to a Designated Player. Luka Doncic, his partner and generation rival, already meets these variables and could receive this extension. For the extension to take effect, the Hawks point guard must enter one of the Top Quintets next year (or be MVP or Defender of the Year, bigger words), before his rookie salary expires and the new one begins. . Otherwise, he would start to charge less money and would have to sign a new contract, so more than honor will be played next year.

The rule, dubbed the Derrick Rose rule, was created precisely to keep talented youngsters on their home teams, thereby fostering a competitiveness that the NBA, led by Adam Silver, has always sought to promote. The Hawks, if they could make the qualified extension effective, would thus retain one of the most talented players in the North American competition and one of the young stars who is called to dominate the best league in the world in the immediate future, together the aforementioned Luka Doncic, whose definitive future with the Mavericks should be clarified in the coming months.Gilegous-Alexander, the future of OKC

In the Thunder there has also been a similar move. The Oklahoma franchise, with Sam Presti as the leader in the offices, has implemented the rookie extension of Shai Gilgeous-Alexander. In this case, he is not a Designated Player, although the salary is just as stratospheric: $ 172 million over five seasons. The versatile forward hit the highs of his career in the last season (23.7 points, 4.7 rebounds and 5.9 assists per night) and is the visible head of a project full of young people, prepared for the long run. deadline and who collects draft rounds (maybe too many) and looks optimistically for the next few years, in which they will have to step forward ... with Gilgeous-Alexander as leader, of course. This is how things are.

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