Guest teams are a must

In the second stage of the Vuelta, there was a flight of three runners from invited teams, but it was neutralized and the victory was decided by sprinting.


The second stage of the Vuelta was the typical stage at the beginning of the great cycling tours. Getaway for runners from invited teams, who know that sprinting has no chance of achieving victory and that they have to try from afar, as Ángel Madrazo did in 2019 in Javalambre. These teams, which today have been protagonists, are indispensable in the Vuelta and are well invited to participate. But reaching the finish line in the lead was practically impossible with only three riders, so we already saw the rest, neutralized escape and arrival at the sprint with many interested teams.

Aramburu's has a lot of merit, he has passed second through the intermediate sprint and at the finish line he has tried to be the leader, but it is not something that takes Roglic's sleep either, who has fought the fall produced at 4 kilometers from the finish line in which fortunately no favorites have been implicated.

What is coming now is another different movie. In the third stage we will see the real differences between the favorites, who arrive well and who do it fair. A port is coming in which the air will play a fundamental role. There will be a breakaway, it only remains to check who takes responsibility and see if Roglic lets it escape, if he decides to lose the leadership, or if otherwise, they decide to gamble it among the favorites.

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