Grego Sierra and Fran García put experience in defense

Two bets to prop up the defensive zone of the black and white team that are looking forward to the team's debut in the new category


Burgos began his sports project for this season by strengthening his defensive system, which gave him his greatest successes last season. Grego Sierra, central defender from Sabadell highlights the bet that Burgos made to have their services: "They showed a lot of interest and for me that is very important, I also came to a club wanting to grow and an extraordinary group of players" . Sierra has adapted well to what coach Julián Calero has asked of him: “Although last year our way of playing was totally different. We have a solid team, it is said that we lack a goal but we have generated chances in the games played and that is the most important thing. We are building the foundations and, at least, the defensive phase is complete ”. Sierra, from his experience in this category, points out that: “The key is that the players, even if they have no experience in this new division, play what they know how to do, here errors in a very powerful division are penalized much more, but they must have confidence in themselves to achieve the objective ”. Regarding the demanding start of the season, Grego Sierra wants to see it from a positive point of view: “We have four very important rivals at the beginning, but for us it is an opportunity to claim ourselves, I think it will be an extra motivation” .

On the other hand, the left-back from Albacete, Fran García was also officially introduced and expressed his desire to start the season now: “I think we are ready, now the good things are coming, on Sunday we have a good scenario to start this season strong. ”. For Fran García, starting well is essential: "For a newly promoted team, scoring at the beginning is necessary, in Gijón there are three points in dispute and we are going to try to get them." Fran García will have to fight with Matos for the left-back position: "It is good that there is competition, we know that there are two players per position and I am there for whatever the coach says." Finally, Fran García wanted to thank the fans for the response they are giving: “We are motivated to see the expectation that the project is awakening in the city and I just want to encourage them to continue like this, filling El Plantío and feeling the fans will be fundamental in this first year in the category ”.

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