Gerard and Pau make you dream

Villarreal measures its illusion against the might of Chelsea (21:00, Mov. LC). Tuchel and Emery have casualties due to COVID, injuries and the Euro.


EI Villarreal, after 98 years of history without tasting them, faces its second European final in just 78 days. It is what you have to sow with criteria. His historic triumph in the Europa League allows him to be in Belfast in front of 1,200 countrymen to tute in a colossus, Chelsea, capable of knocking down City in the Champions League and going after Lukaku in search of more glory (follow the game live on Weighed down by injuries and COVID, surely it is not for the Submarine the moment dreamed of fighting its first Super Cup. But, curiously, it is the ideal night to challenge Tuchel's men: being the team that contributed the most internationals to the Euro (17, plus Thiago Silva to the Copa América), it has half a squad overcoming the stiffness with the threat that the last three finals (and 6 of the previous 8) went to overtime.

That shoot will not be lacking for Pau. The youth squad changed the plane that brought him from hanging silver in Tokyo for the one that took him to Northern Ireland for gold. His gesture has been linked to the renewal of Gerard until 2027, so these two shots of energy make you believe more in giving another surprise.

Emery will have to give his initial plan a spin. Rulli, a hero in Gdansk, does not arrive in time, Parejo fell and Foyth was injured. You must trust Mario, Iborra, Morlanes and Boulaye Dia as news regarding the last official match. Villarreal does not know victory this summer and, therefore, is planted with more doubts than certainties. His consolation is the statistics: the Champions League champion won this trophy 25 times, but lost it in 20 ... 444 444

The atmosphere at Chelsea is the opposite. He arrives strengthened after an unbeaten preseason and Tuchel never doubled against a Spaniard. Such is the blue empowerment that their debates center on whether Jorginho should be the Ballon d'Or while Messi acclimatizes. However, the numbers make him be on his guard: although he has a Super Cup (1998, 1-0 at Madrid), he lost the next three. You are warned. This Villarreal dreams of closing an English trilogy to remember. Arsenal and United also believed themselves superior.

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