Garuba begins to grow

The former Real Madrid player improves on his first game and finishes with 4 points, 8 rebounds and 2 assists. Houston, however, cannot get the victory


A Usman Garuba is having a hard time taking his first steps in the Houston Rockets jersey. Before the game, he already made it clear. In the rookie photoshoot, Jaleen Green, Alperen Sengun and Josh Christopher, their littermates on the team, posed with all kinds of gestures. He, on the other hand, was limited to a fixed gaze for the camera. Without fanfare. His only concern is on the track and, there, he is already growing. In their second Summer League match, everything flowed much better than in the first. Without feeling completely comfortable yet, the numbers improved and the general sensations, too. 4 points, 8 rebounds, 2 assists and 1 block to register a more complete card than in his debut, in which he was unable to score (6 rebounds). His team, however, could not take the victory against the Orlando Magic, who won by 89 points to 76 in a good game by Franz Wagner (13 + 3), another of the great international talents of the generation, along with his own Usman.

Again, the former Real Madrid player was powerful in the inside game. He was the Rockets' third player in terms of rebounds captured and, in addition, with far fewer minutes on the court than his teammates. Sengun, who is showing why he was MVP of the Turkish league, signed a double-double (13 + 10) and Tremont Waters, in 31 minutes, surpassed him by one. Garuba was able to participate for 16, increasing his debut 12 minutes. Then, the one from Azuqueca de Henares accepted that he had not adapted well. Today, the words have been from Will Weaver, assistant coach, who has not hesitated to praise his new player: "Length, generosity, physicality, all the plays he can make on the rebound ... When bodies collide, generally, he is still standing, "he declared.

In the match, Garuba started thrown, with an imposing block to Asbjorn Midtgaard. From there, it began to grow under the rim, both in defense and attack. His first points in the Rockets jersey, in fact, came after grabbing an offensive rebound off Christopher's shot. The following ones, in the same way, would also be obtained in the painting, leaning on the board. This time, after winning the position with a bounce and stretching his body in the direction of the basket. House Brand.

In general, good news for the Spanish interior, which is beginning to draw a line of positive growth. Something very important, even more so in a franchise like the Texan, whose rookies are going to drink a lot throughout the course. Without going any further, Garuba is called to have a leading role in the team. Or, at the very least, to be able to earn it. Inside, they have Daniel Theis, Sengun himself and Christian Wood, who is close to the All Star level. With them he must share the limelight in an organization that seeks to enhance his young talent, led by Jalen Green, number two in the Draft and one of the sensations in the summer competition, in which he will not participate again due to injury. Like Santi Aldama, Garuba is going to more in the American continent and, now, he will have in mind to follow in the wake of his compatriot, who, also after a hesitant start, has already signed a double-double in his third game with Memphis Grizzlies.

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