From vindication to trembling

Barça liked each other on the first night without Messi with a great goal from Piqué and a braithwaite brace. Then he fell asleep and the Real scared, but Sergi Roberto sentenced.


The new life of Barça promises strong emotions. The Blaugrana team has had no choice but to leave Messicentrismo to exploit new virtues. The union is strength and from the hand of Piqué, who opened the scoring by completing 24 hours of culé worthy of entering the museum of the entity, scored the first three points of LaLiga by beating Real 4-2 in a match great away from any depressive symptoms.

Barcelona's commitment to overcome the post-Messi trauma was commendable. The crater left by the Argentine is immense, but in the absence of this there were two options: either to get depressed or to go out into the field and work like hell.

Koeman's team opted for the second option from the start of the game with about 20 minutes of the game in which they ran over Real Sociedad. The high pressure of Barcelona, the advanced defense of the Catalans and the solidarity work of the Blaugrana drowned a Real who noticed Isak's loss a lot.

The presence of Eric Garcia was key. The Catalan center-back was playing his first game at the Camp Nou, as a center-back and in an extreme situation. He did it as if he had been a partner with Piqué all his life. There are so many centrals that have crashed in their first appearance at the Camp Nou, that what Eric did should stand out beyond the headlines being taken, logically, by Piqué.

Gerard, cheered from start to finish, scored the goal that materialized the local dominance in the 19th minute after Griezmann tried as a Chilean, headed to the post and that Memphis was a constant danger.

La Real, beyond Aihen's rises, was non-existent in attack and suffered without the ball. For the first time in a long time they had a Barça in front of them that ran faster than them.

Y from start to finish, as evidenced by the fact that in the first half timeout, Eric recovered a ball by putting pressure on Real so that De Jong tempered a center that Braithwaite converted into the second goal that did justice to the Blaugrana dominance.

Imanol, who during the first part despaired in the band, withdrew Silva and Januzaj to give entry to Barrenetxea and Bautista.

La Real, who had no other way, pressed Barça in their field accepting the risk that in one against the Blaugrana team they would be liquidated. The txuri urdin lived so to the limit that at the start, Griezmann scored offside and two minutes later Alba incomprehensibly missed a sung goal when he and Griezmann faced Remiro.

These scares did not daunt Real, who demanded more from Barça than in the first half, but Barça also knew how to order without the ball. Memphis' ability to get the ball out proved definitive. Each recovery of the culé team was a dagger to the back of the Real. At game time, Barça's counterattack was manual. Pedri recovered that enabled Memphis, Alba unfolded and gave the goal made to Braithwaite, who scored a goal that in other times could mark the beginning of Barça's temporization. But Barça knows that today they have a single recipe: run and press.

To continue the argument, the Catalan team needed fresh legs. Koeman gave entry to Emerson and Sergi Roberto, with which Barça intensified the pressure. Remiro avoided Pedri's goal, who continues to accumulate overtime.

With the game unraveled, Lobete had the prize of scoring a great goal that was the prologue that the game could get complicated. And it was complicated when Oyarzabal scored a tremendous free-kick goal that made it clear that the Catalans, in case they didn't know, have come to this League to suffer.

The scenario was one of suffering, especially after Koeman retired to Memphis to admit Lenglet, who was the one who originated the play that earned Sergi Roberto's goal to Braithwaite's pass. A new era begins. The one with commitment.

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