Ford wants Sebastien Loeb to return to the World Cup

The head of the team, Malcolm Wilson, has acknowledged that he is in talks with the nine-time French champion for 2022.


Never say never again. When it seemed that Sébastien Loeb had definitively disengaged from the World Rally Championship, another avenue was opened up for his return. Ford is trying to get the nine-time world champion to compete with them in 2022 at the wheel of the new car, the Puma Rally1 hybrid, which is in the process of development.

This is recognized by Malcolm Wilson, head of the oval team, who has told the website '' that "we are talking, but that's all you are going to get out of me." The Briton already convinced the other Sébastien, Ogier, to race with them when Volkswagen left the race, and together they won two world titles in 2017 and 2018. Now that the brand has returned to provide greater support to its program, the main drivers already have their future closed. That's why they need a star, and it can be Loeb.

The Frenchman left the World Rally Championship, although he stayed for a couple of seasons, racing some races with his longtime team, Citroën. With the return of Ogier to the French firm, Loeb decided to make the leap to Hyundai, with whom he also competed in partial programs in 2019 and 2020. A relationship that ended when he signed for the Prodrive team for the Dakar.

The most successful driver in World Championship history has acknowledged that he would like to test drive a new generation hybrid car. And Ford puts it on a tray, although there are still many fringes to see the 'white smoke'. Of course, Loeb does not forget the rallies and in September he will race in a French national event in Mont-Blanc Morzine, at the wheel of a Peugeot 306 Maxi with Daniel Elena, his lifelong co-driver, on the right. A way to sign the armistice with your partner after your break in the Dakar or will it be the first step to return to the highest level? It won't take long to find out.

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