Fekir crashes into a wall

The Frenchman led a brave Betis who was left without hit despite his insistence. Negredo put Cádiz ahead with a penalty and Juanmi put the tie.


Betis and Cádiz gave a lesson in intensity that lacked more punch. The Verdiblancos survived Negredo's initial goal after the umpteenth defensive error and ended the match putting Ledesma in continuous trouble led by a Fekir who did not have the success on his part. Two points for both after two days that reflect the style set by Pellegrini and Cervera from their benches. It was insufficient for a Betis that lived off its dominance and the ability of its second line. More meritorious for Cádiz, who took advantage of his impeccable tactical order to stay alive near his area.

Betis took control of the ball, but it took Cádiz seven minutes to make their mark. Negredo won an aerial ball from Edgar and Lozano took advantage of a childhood error by Víctor Ruiz to win the game and force a penalty from Rui Silva. The Portuguese stopped Negredo on his first pitch by going ahead more than he should and did not reach the ball in the repetition. Another defensive chaos of Betis and another demonstration of Cádiz that it is lethal between spaces.

Canales and Rodri led the reaction. The Cantabrian signed merit conductions and the squad did not wrinkle making diagonals from the right flank. Juanmi ran into Ledesma after a good shot inside the box before hitting the ball after giving continuity to Edgar's header after a corner. The tables returned under an expected script: the visitors wanted to win the battle between spaces and Choco Lozano invented one so that Alarcón had a clear chance that ended with his shot at the post by Rui Silva. Fekir also hit the wood shortly after with a good shot from outside the area. The Frenchman grew with the passing of the minutes until leaving technical details of brilliance in the prelude to rest.

Cervera gave air to his system in the resumption by placing Iza and Álex Fernández on the scene. And Fekir continued his personal battle against the Cadista wall. Canales forgave after a great action from the Frenchman before Pellegrini also moved pieces on the pitch. There was already more heart than head on both sides. Betis threw momentum while Cervera's team maintained its firm defensive intensity. But neither Tello nor Ruibal improved the Betic offensive contribution, while Joaquín tried to ally himself with a Fekir almost desperate to break the Cadista wall. Those from Cervera threatened with their cons until the end to score a valuable point in a Villamarín that celebrated their return halfway. He wants more Pellegrini, who looks at his challenge with both hope and concern. Ask for more Cervera, knowing that last year's recipe already delivers touches of success.

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