Fear in Atleti to the final arreón of the Premier by two players

Atlético still fear one last offensive by Trippier, who remains in United's orbit, while Saúl talks to Chelsea about a fringed loan to be resolved.


Simeone, who is already an old dog, always says that until the market closes "things can happen". And that usually worries him. Tuesday is the last day, until 12 at night, for there to be entrances and exits at Atlético and it seems like an eternity, especially when the hard block of the squad is complete. But at the club they expect (and fear) some last minute offensives. Specifically that of Trippier, for whom they have been sighing all summer since the Premier. And also in England, specifically Chelsea, they insist on Saúl. Two soap operas that no longer have much delay.

The case of Trippier is complicated, because it counts totally for Simeone and has hardly had competition in the staff. If at this start of the campaign he has not started, it is because he joined the preseason three weeks ago, but for the coach it is key. For this reason, in the face of the scoring situations that have come from Arsenal and, above all, from Manchester United, Atlético has closed in on the wing: Kieran is non-transferable.

However, the Red Devils, after announcing Cristiano, are still looking for a piece for the right back. Dalot is on the starting ramp (in loan form) and United are considering making one last offer for Trippier. However, at this point the Atleti would give even less facilities to the operation. And the English club knows that it should put at least 40 million euros to have any chance. The calendar, in this sense, plays in favor of the rojiblancos.

Saúl's doubts: Madrid, London ...

And then there is the case of Saúl, who has been dealing with Chelsea for days to go on loan to London for a season. There was also the option of Manchester United, but it is almost ruled out. However, the conversations with the Stamford Bridge club are very hot and between the entities they are also talking about whether a purchase option or an obligation is included in the operation. In this case, time is also pressing and Saúl, with many doubts about what to do, points to the call for Sunday's game. The footballer knows what Simeone expects of him so that he can later make the decision.

At Atlético, Saúl's situation is different from Trippier's, since they have known the intention of leaving Elche before the summer. There were no proposals for a satisfactory sale for all and, after being the owner in the first two days, the loan option arose. At Chelsea, who is also targeting Koundé, Saúl fits in to reinforce the squad.

More duties for Berta

Apart from these two operations, Atleti will finish finishing off the exit operation with footballers who have no place. The transfer of Nehuén to Udinese is in the absence of the official announcement and Arias, the other non-EU member, could go behind it. Granada awaits you with open arms. And there are other cases on the table, such as Montero, who has received calls, and Saponjic, whose future is complicated. And there are youth players with whom you also have to make decisions, such as Riquelme, Ricard and Camello. Atleti would prefer to focus on them now and not be aware of a Trippier case, but until the end of Tuesday, no one breathes easy in the market.

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