Fair tie between Ibiza and Malaga in Can Misses

The Andalusians counteract the two goals of Bogusz to rescue a point in his visit to the Pitiusas, thanks to Luis Muñoz and Roberto.


UD Ibiza scored its second point in LaLiga SmartBank. In its debut in the category at home, the Ibizan team drew this Sunday with Málaga (2-2) at a Can Misses stadium that vibrated with the game and with the performance of its team, which tutored an opponent who improved in the second half.

With Javi Lara as a novelty in the celestial starting eleven, the locals began the clash with vigor, against Malaga in which the presence of Antoñín stood out, one of their last signings this summer.

The island team warned, precisely, with a shot from Lara from the front of the area that was lost by the end line. And after a quarter of an hour the Andalusian block answered with another poisoned kick from Kevin before which Germán appeared to clear the ball with a real save.

But soon after, Ibiza drove their fans crazy, who sang with force 1-0, the first goal of the Ibizans in the silver category of Spanish football. The Polish Bogusz, great sensation of the team in the preseason, spliced a ball inside the area that came from the right side. The goal was reviewed by the VAR for a possible offside, but finally it was validated to put the Pitiusos ahead. The scorer could not have had a better birthday present.

Málaga had a bad time against an Ibiza that was well established on the pitch, with personality and impudence. The malacitanos could not find a way to change the situation, against a local team that before the break had another good chance to score the second goal. It was with a direct free kick thrown by Javi Lara from the front, but the ball crashed into the barrier. The minutes were consumed and the first half was halted in which Ibiza was better than Málaga.

In the second half, the visiting team came out a bit more, which needed to have a much more offensive presence if they wanted to get something positive out of their visit to Ibiza, something that they ended up getting. Three goals were seen, another spectacular from Bogusz in the 61st minute. The player took a spectacular shot from a very high angle to the left and beat Dani Barrio.

It seemed that Ibiza put land in the middle, but the one who cut the gap for the Malacitanos was Luis Muñoz shortly after, who took his back on the defense to later overcome Germán and establish the 2-1.

Castel was able to sentence his team, in an action in which he gained in speed with his par, he dribbled over Dani Barrio but then failed to empty goal in the 72nd minute. danger. And his insistence was rewarded. Roberto, after a great pass from Haitam, found the space to make it 2-2 in the minute 87.

In the final stretch, in which five minutes were added, anything could happen and any team could win. Both teams touched the goal. The Ibizans with an action from Ekain and another double from Goldar and Davo, while the Andalusians had it with a header from Juande.

Carcedo: "We have to congratulate the team"

Juan Carlos Carcedo, coach of UD Ibiza, assured in a press conference, after the draw at two against Malaga, that he had to give "congratulations" to his team. "It is true that we had victory very close and I think we have done enough merit (to win)", commented the coach of the celestes.

"It was not easy, on our first day (at Can Misses), the excitement with our fans, it was very hot ... We completed a good game, but it is true that I think the 2-1 play was key because with the 2-0 we believed we could have the game under control, "declared Carcedo.

The coach of the Ibizan team said that they must "learn" that in the Second Division "any little detail" changes things in matches. "Last week, Oviedo also had a 2-0 against Lugo. In a small detail they got 2-1 and with a 2-2 penalty. These are situations that we will have to learn," said Carcedo.

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