Experience for the debut with Arcediano Monescillo

The 36-year-old manchego celebrates his eleventh season in the Second Division and will be in charge of directing the clash at the Gran Canaria stadium between Las Palmas and Real Valladolid


Damaso Arcediano Monescillo will be the referee in charge of whistling Sunday's clash at the Gran Canaria stadium between UD Las Palmas and Real Valladolid. The truth is that the 36-year-old Manchego referee (Ciudad Real) does not lack experience in the category since he has 11 campaigns in the Second Division and has directed 224 games.The last campaign in which he coincided with Valladolid was that of promotion, 2017-18 and he whistled him three times without succeeding in knowing the victory. In the first match, 2-2 against Lugo, a match in which the Galicians went 0-2 with goals from Cristián Herrera and Francisco Fydriszewsky (penalty) before the 30th minute. Then he expelled Bernardo and scored two penalties in favor of Valladolid that Mata and Míchel transformed into a draw, so the game had everything with three penalties.

He was also in the defeat in Tarragona 1-0 (Álvaro) and showed nine yellow cards, five of them for Valladolid; his last game with Real Valladolid as the protagonist was in Zaragoza and things ended badly. Both teams played the playoffs and the Maño team had two penalties to take a 3-1 advantage and although Calero made up in the 90th minute, at La Romareda the 3-2 victory was celebrated as if it were a promotion, with chants of ' to second ... to second 'against the visiting team, which ultimately in the playoff would be the one that rose.

In those 10 previous campaigns that he has been in Second, Arcediano Monescillo counted those three games reported, he has coincided in 11 with a balance of five victories, two draws and four pucelan defeats. On this occasion he will be assisted in the VAR by Víctor Areces Franco.

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