Ethyan rescues Tenerife

Albacete was superior in the first half and went ahead thanks to Jordi, but the entry of Shashoua after the break gave more life to the Blue and White attack.


Tenerife and Albacete did not get advantages. Rubén De la Barrera's pupils were better in the first half and left a good feeling, but Luis Miguel Ramis' men reacted in the second half thanks to the entry of Sam Shashoua. Nice goal from young Ethyan González.

The first approximation of relative danger was from La Mancha with a high header from Jordi (6 '). It was difficult for the Blue and Whites, plagued by homegrown players, to get a footing at the start of the game. Arriving at a quarter of an hour, the duel leveled off, but without arrivals.

In the 21st minute, Alba again warned with a high header from Djetej just off a corner. The people from Albacete were rewarded for their insistence when Jordi Sánchez sneaked in between the center-backs and this time he hit the mark after defining low before the departure of Soriano (25 '). 444 444

The Ramis men tried to react, but found neither fluency nor ideas against a very well planted opponent and whom they hardly disturbed. After the hydration break, Albacete made their first change: Javi Jiménez replaced Samu due to some discomfort while Tenerife continued without creating danger for the goalkeeper Bernabé. Shortly before the break, a penalty was claimed on Ethyan.

In the second half, newcomer Shashoua tested the rival's goal, but the shot went over the crossbar. And after a defensive failure, Ethyan tried to define over the goalkeeper, but was narrowly missed (48 '). The Alba, with a completely renewed eleven, could not stand up.

And from so much going, the Tenerife team reached the equalizer after a strong shot by Ethyan inside the area that Bernabé could not stop (52 '). The center had been the British who with his entry gave more presence to the island attack. Tenerife continued to dominate and Thierno was close to turning the scoreboard, but his shot went just wide (58 '). 444 444

Albacete stepped back into the rival area in the 71st minute thanks to an individual action by Peruvian Jeisson Martínez whose good shot was destroyed by goalkeeper Victor, who replaced Soriano. That woke up his people a little, who stripped themselves of the island domain. From there until the end, the duel was only altered by the expulsion of Michel Herrero and by a good opportunity to score that Boyomo had (89 '). 444 444

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