Espinar: "Real Valladolid welcomes the agreement with CVC"

The club's spokesman analyzed the composition of the squad, possible exits, showed his satisfaction with the rate of renewal of subscribers and reviewed the rest of the news.


David Espinar, the voice of the club, director of the Real Valladolid presidential cabinet, addresses the issues that most concern the fans in the week in which the League begins, in a season that has to be that of the return to First Division.

How are the club with the imminent start of the League?

We are very motivated to start the competition because, in the end, it is what we owe ourselves to and with the intention of shortening the path to return to the First Division as much as possible.

You will recognize that it has been a very rare preseason ...

What is different from other preseason is that we have been fully affected by some cases of Covid. There are plenty of players, in terms of numbers, problems to register there have been all seasons, there have been friendlies ... the only thing different are those cases from which we have recovered with the clear idea in the club that what we have to contribute are solutions and working as a perfect gear ... 444 444

... But you will admit that the preseason without a single signing is a bit strange ...

You have not finished the window yet. What we don't have to be is impatient. At the club we are not and we are working knowing the rhythms we have and we are convinced that the team we have in the season will be competitive.

Will the workforce change much beyond the fact that eight or nine must leave in these weeks?

The sports management and the coach are working on making the best team possible. That happens to maintain a base, to reinforce some positions that they consider should be improved, but as far as I know the satisfaction is absolute. It is true that we have more players than available chips. We are working to improve the team even with players we have on our squad and whose performance was not as expected last season.

Is there fear that in the last days other clubs may come and take away essential pieces in the project to return to First?

I understand that all clubs have that risk, but there is no fear. We know that no player is going to leave at a price that is harmful to the interests of Real Valladolid and we have alternatives in our portfolio to attend to any circumstance.

Does Real Valladolid already know its spending limit for this season?

We are with an approximate figure because this can change every day depending on the sponsorships that are signed, the entries or exits of players, transfer money. The spending limit on the template is not a photograph. There is an orientation, but until it is final and published by the League, we will not give any figures.

I ask you about the thorny issue of the CVC fund and your agreement with the League. What position does Real Valladolid defend in this case?

We believe that it is a very important possibility to grow and that neither Real Madrid nor Barcelona contribute on their own. If they had offered us a solidary solution for all the clubs, we would study it. Right now we have this proposal before us with CVC. There is a part that is dedicated to infrastructures and technological innovation, another part to refinance or cancel debt, even cancel the bankruptcy, and 15% to register players. We, right now, is what we have. Real Madrid and Barcelona, their position is very respectable, they will know why they do not support the agreement, which has already been approved by the League's delegate commission, but we do not see this option with a bad eye.

Do you understand the critics who claim that they mortgage the future of the clubs at 50 years?

No, we don't see it that way. The agreement contemplates the creation of a participatory partnership between the League and CVC that includes the non-audiovisual businesses of the League. The League generates organizations, has its subsidiaries at the national and international level, LaLiga Sport, which broadcasts sports that are not football, would enter into this agreement, the Business School, the League's business school, all the investments they have in technology and data, but there is no talk about television rights which, after all, are for everyone the great contribution of the clubs. We see it well and do not believe that it is a mortgage, nor will the stability of any club be threatened with this agreement.

Are you satisfied with the subscribers' response on the issue of renewals?

Yes, we have no words to thank the fans for everything they have done during the pandemic and everything they have done when the doors finally open. We are a little disappointed by that 40% of the capacity that, at least, until August 29 we are going to have to suffer all the clubs, but the response has been extraordinary. We have exceeded 13,000 subscribers and we are delighted.

How are you going to do the limited capacity?

In the next few hours or days, the club will report how this process will be carried out.

Finally, the president indicated as soon as the League finished that there would be a sports revolution in the structure, but this has not been presented. Will they present it?

Yes, we will when it is completed. I don't think it will take us long to present it.

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