Emerson arrives at Barcelona aspiring to be Dani Alves

The new Barcelona player recognizes in his presentation that "Dani is my idol and when I spoke with him I had no doubt about signing."


Emerson Royal and his family appeared at the presentation of Barcelona's new defender with undisguised joy. The new Brazilian Barça player could not hide absolute happiness from a host like Joan Laporta, who won him over to the cause from the first minute by constantly joking with him.

"It is a pleasure to be here in Barcelona, it was my dream and I sign a commitment with everyone in front of the president: every day I will do my best, I worked to be here and I will seize the opportunity. Work will not be lacking, then there will be good or bad days, but for me it will never stay, "he said, to which Laporta replied:" That is commitment, 'what a beautiful thing' ".

The new Barça player knows that he is arriving to occupy a position that Barça have occupied before "players like Belletti and Alves, who made history. Dani is my idol, the player with the most titles. I spoke with him and he told me things they will come out naturally. For him I ended up signing ".

Regarding the fact of sharing a team with Messi, the new Blaugrana full-back revealed that "playing against Messi if he is well is impossible, he is the best in the world. If you miss a minute, it hurts you. I have always lost against him. Copa América was even and I was sad for the defeat in the final, but happy for Messi, who deserved that title ".

Photos from as.com
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