El Sanse returns to Second against the Leganés candidate

Xabi Alonso makes his debut on a professional football bench with Riesgo in front of the goalkeeper: both met at Real 20 years ago.


Leganés, one of the candidates in the fight for promotion, has a difficult start on his way back to Primera visiting Sanse, the Real Sociedad subsidiary, called to be one of those teams that is going to spice up the silver category of Spanish football. The Real B returns to Second almost 60 years after the hand of Xabi Alonso, an illustrious of our football who makes the leap to the professional benches leading a group of 'foals' who are the future of the txuri-urdin club, but who Until that moment arrives, there are no limits, because they do not want to be the Cinderella of the championship at all (follow the game live on AS.com) .

Interestingly, in his debut on a Second Division bench, Xabi Alonso will face Asier Riesgo, now Leganés goalkeeper and teammate at Real for 20 years. And also Rubén Pardo, that young promise from the Zubieta quarry who was always called the 'new Xabi Alonso', something like his successor.

Leganés makes his debut with fate winking mockery that (time will decide) may be anticipations of better times. It happens that the visitors make their debut at Anoeta, the stadium for which their miracle coach, Asier Garitano, left Butarque there in 2018, when the pepineros felt like First and something else. Three years later, the one from Bergara returned to the south of the capital with the aim of making that security once again routine in the blue and white day to day. He did not succeed in his previous attempt, last year. Now with the reins of the project held by his hand from minute 1, better results are expected, although, for the moment, his staff is more meager in quality and quantity.

Practical example: for this first appointment you will have to pull quarry in industrial quantities and even with prominence in the eleven. Without '9' defined (Borja Garcés has just landed and the normal thing is that he does not enter the list), Garitano could use Diego García, scorer for B, in the lead. Nor will Yoel Bárcenas, the third-to-last signing from Legane. By contrast, Villar will, a brand-new Olympic runner-up and (for now) substitute goal for Riesgo. These three names are only joined by Palencia, Doukouré and Quintillà as the only signings for the Lega moment and only the first two could be headlines. Taking into account that Palencia was already in Butarque last season, Garitano could only align a new face with respect to 2020-21.

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