Eat, enigmatic with your future

He ends his contract with Bayern in 2023 and not having renewed, his high claims and his imprecise answers put him in an uncomfortable position with the Bavarian club.


Kingsley Coman has long been rumor mill in Bavaria. The French winger ends his contract in 2023 and his renewal does not take the direction they would like at Bayern. This means that several teams, with the Premier at the head, have asked about him during the summer. Now, with the course underway, he has only played three of the five games played by his team and at Eurosport he has been asked about his future and his present. Coman has been enigmatic.

"I feel the confidence of the club, but I don't know what I will want in five years, so anything is possible ...", he replied, adding later that he is lucky to be young: "I can do both, stay here several years and also see how things are in other places. There is a middle ground. " Let's remember that in Munich they gave him a kind of ultimatum, since they considered excessive the economic claims that the international asked for with Les Bleus to renew. We will see how these ambiguous statements at Bayern from one of their stars feel ...

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