Durant explains what went wrong with the Warriors to get him to leave

The now star of the Nets reviews his decision to leave the Warriors despite his success there and assures that he would return to sign for them "a million times."


Kevin Durant's time in the Warriors continues to be the source of comments of all kinds. There the player became a legend, winning two titles in the three opportunities he had and both against LeBron James' Cavaliers to crown the precious rivalry between the two teams. But it is not in sports that these conversations are focused: what dragged his arrival to the team, leaving his great rival in the West after almost dethroning him after the best regular phase in history, and what was said about his exit, seasoned with a very serious injury from which it seems more than recovered two years later, they take the cake.

In a conversation for Bleacher Report, the recent MVP of the Tokyo Olympics reviewed these aspects with Draymond Green, who also plays a leading role in these two aspects of history.

About how the DC-born forward signed on that July 4, 2016 for Golden State is pretty clear: "It was a purely basketball decision, but I could kill two birds with one stone and say I didn't give a shit what people said. ". Referring to Green's question, Durant adds: "I think it matched perfectly with what you were doing on both sides of the court with the ball. And my level of play had reached the point where I needed to see how it matched up with That. So it was clear to me. I would do it a million times and I would have no regrets. " That departure from the Thunder, the first team that welcomed him into the League, made him have to open the umbrella of criticism for going to a team that was already the best to try to win the NBA instead of continuing to try with his own, a A decision that will accompany you throughout your life despite being explicit with the answer.

Three years later he left, a bit out the back door after losing the Finals to the Raptors and with an injury that left him unemployed for a year despite the fact that his signing for the Nets was one of the news that summer.

As for what marked his departure, putting the spotlight on a brutal fight against the Clippers that Durant had with Green, there is more vagueness in the explanation. That was a trigger. "It wasn't the row itself, it was the way everyone acted like it didn't happen. Bob Myers tried to impose discipline and I think it was putting a mask on everything else," says Durant, who points out directly to Myers, the general manager, and secretly Kerr, the head coach, for how they handled the situation. "I told them, 'You're going to screw it up. The only people who can fix it are him and me. You're going to screw everything up.' And I think they did," says Green, to which Durant adds that he also believes it. Kevin, as Draymond had previously admitted, sees parallels in his story with the one told in Michael Jordan's well-known documentary about the Bulls: "I remember seeing it. The scene where Scottie [Pippen] is not going to play a game. , and that the whole locker room told him that he screwed up doing it. We should have put all the shit on the table: 'Dray, K, you screwed up making us go through all this.' Let's wash our hands and finish the job, that's what it should have happened but it didn't happen. We danced around it, we didn't face it, and that was fucking weird to me. " It confirms, therefore, that that heated discussion at the Staples Center was the trigger, although there were more reasons (Durant's coupling in Kerr's game or the bicephaly in terms of leadership with Stephen Curry), of the exit to the Nets .

Both the Olympic Games have coincided with the United States in this 2021. In the previous ones, those of Rio, it was in which they struck up their great friendship, despite the great fight, and in which Durant also made good friends with DeAndre Jordan , which he took to Brooklyn for his new adventure.

"I don't regret it. We did what we had to do. I would have liked to have made the treble because it's kind of weird and we were already close. I think if we're healthy, we can do it on the Nets too," he bet.

"When I look back and see my past in the Warriors I think about how special it was but also that that was the time to leave," he closes.

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