Doncic and the 207 million: "I still haven't bought anything ..."

"We want to give him a career like Nowitzki's or better," says Cuban, who does not close the door of his selection and talks about a match in Slovenia.

First, the Mavericks made the big news of this summer window official for the franchise: Luka Doncic has agreed to an extension of his rookie contract for the super-maximum: five years, 207 million dollars. The largest extension ever signed by a player still on his rookie contract. And an agreement by which Doncic will meet next season with the salary that corresponds to him (10.1 million dollars) and will begin in the 2022-23 season to fulfill this new contract, for which he will receive, as projected right now for the salary cap, 35.7, 38.6, 41.4, 44.3 and 47.1 million dollars for each of the five new seasons, until the summer of 2027. He will then be 28 years old. The latter includes a player option, so Doncic could go free in the summer of 2026 if he gives up those last 47.1 million.Then came the official signature and finally a press conference held in Slovenia (at eight o'clock in the morning in Dallas, where the news was really big) in which the Mavs gave Doncic's continuity, no matter how sung he was, momentous moment range for the franchise. There were Bill Duffy, Doncic's agent, Mavs owner Mark Cuban, the new coach, Jason Kidd, Doncic himself ... and Dirk Nowitzki and Michael Finley, who had also traveled to Slovenia to finish the operation, were there. Doncic. After a very tumultuous season finale, with office and bench changes and rumors of a bad atmosphere in the franchise and locker room, failing to ensure the long-term continuity of the Slovenian phenomenon would have been a fatal blow to some form-seeking Mavericks. from jumping from the middle class to the nobility of the Western Conference.

At the press conference, spirits were through the roof. Mark Cuban assured that they wanted to give Doncic “a Hall of Fame career, equal to that of Dirk Nowitzki or better”, who firmly believed that they had improved the team in this market window and also referred to the party of the The night before, when they signed the final renewal agreement: "Food and wine, wine, wine… it was amazing… we had a great time." Kidd left this message to his new star: "Enjoy ... and let's get to work." And Duffy praised his client: “I've been in this business for 35 years. And I think he is the best player in the world. And as a person he is even better. ”

Finally, Doncic explained his feelings after making a long-term commitment to the team in which he has played his first three seasons in the NBA: “It's a lot of things. But the first thing is how I feel in Dallas. It's like my second home, it's really special. I thank the Mavs for offering me this… I had never imagined something like this. I only dreamed of playing in the NBA, not of signing an extension like this. ”

About the 207 million dollars that is guaranteed, a joke was allowed: “It is a lot of money. But I haven't stopped to think about it. I have not yet bought anything at the expense of the extension ”. Doncic also made it clear that he never doubted whether to sign the extension or not and did not value the arrival of new players but the work they have to do for the new season: “I know we have made good movements, but the main thing is that we have chemistry. That's what we need in Dallas. " One of the players the Mavs want to add is Goran Dragic, the veteran Slovenian point guard with whom Doncic won the Eurobasket 2017: "I can't say anything, I don't want the NBA to fine me," said the former Real Madrid player. Dragic has been traded to the Toronto Raptors from the Miami Heat, in the trade by Kyle Lowry, and is now trying to disengage from the Canadian franchise to sign with the Mavs.

To close a happy day in his native country, he assured that he wants to continue playing for Slovenia and Cuban made it clear that the Mavs will not impede him as a general rule ("I want Luka to continue making the people of this country happy"). The owner also left the door open for his team to play a friendly in Slovenia (“We would love to, but we are still in the initial dialogue phase”).

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