Djurisic does not get off the car: he is still at Movistar Estudiantes

The Montenegrin power forward (29 years old and 2.03 meters) has renewed with the collegiate team despite last season's relegation to LEB.


Movistar Estudiantes is already one step away from officially closing its squad for the first season in LEB Oro in its history. The collegiate team announced on Monday the renewal of Nemanja Djurisic (29 years and 2.03 meters) and already has 11 members for the next course. The number 12 will be Darel Poirier: the French pivot (24 years old and 2.10 meters) will reinforce the collegiate interior game, according to Encestando.

There are five signings, at the moment: the guards Johnny Dee and Lucas Faggiano; forward Javier Beirán; power forward Nacho Martín; and the Felipe Dos Anjos center. To these we must add the renewal of Adams Sola and the aforementioned Djurisic; and the continuity of both Nacho Arroyo and Edwin Jackson. In addition, Rubén Domínguez and Héctor Alderete will be part of the first team.

Last season in the Movistar Estudiantes

Djurisic landed the Estudiantes from the Turkish Besiktas last season. The Montenegrin power forward had a difficult start to the season: he did not adapt quickly to the level of the Endesa League and did not overcome the ten-point barrier until matchday 19 against Casademont Zaragoza on February 3. He did not have enough confidence from Javi Zamora and it showed. In addition, in defense it was difficult for him to keep up with four and five more mobile phones than him.

With the arrival of Cuspinera everything changed for him and his level increased considerably. He reached or exceeded 20 goals on two occasions, with more freedom in attack to look at the basket both from the inside and from the perimeter, against Lenovo Tenerife (20) and against Valencia Basket: 24 with 5/5 from the perimeter. A performance that allowed him to be named for the first time Player of the Day in the ACB.

“My personal goal is to win. Be better and learn so that we can win this league ”, said the Montenegrin international, in words collected by the club's media. “I felt the disappointment and pain of the entire club and the Estu community. I felt that way myself, having been very comfortable all year long. ”

Interview with Djurisic (source: Movistar Estudiantes)

Why would a player like you, who has always played in the first leagues, choose to remain in Movistar Estudiantes in a second division?

I felt the disappointment and pain of the entire club and Estu community over the season-ending losses and relegation. I myself felt that way, after having been very comfortable throughout the year with the coaching staff, teammates and in the city of Madrid. So after a few weeks considering it, I take on the challenge of coming back to give all my effort and hard work towards the goal of winning the LEB Gold.

What do you expect from the LEB Oro? Everybody says it's a very tough league…

I have been informing myself and asking questions before deciding and I am very aware of the difficulty of this league. From the experience of the players in it, from the way they play. It is not an easy league, not at all, it is not your typical second division.

What are your goals for the season?

My personal goal is to win. Be better and learn, adapt, so that we win this league.

Your first year in Madrid was the COVID season, with empty halls all year long. Do you want to see the fans of Movistar Estudiantes in action?

Yes, another reason to decide is that I have not been able to feel the real environment of the Estu community. Playing another year here will give me that satisfaction of being able to meet him, and I hope I can feel that support, that passion and reciprocate with victories. With many victories.

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