Depressed despite Odegaard

Far from resembling that team that fell in love with England, Arsenal is immersed in a depression and a crisis that has weighed down the last few seasons.


Once the transfer of Martin Odegaard to Arsenal for 40 million euros has been officialized, the important thing now for the Norwegian is to understand the scenario to which he will have to get used from now on. The new Gunner player will be aware that the London team, far from resembling that team from 'The Invincibles' that fell in love with England, is immersed in a depression and a locker room crisis that has weighed down the last few seasons.

Since Wenger left due to not being able to qualify the club for the Champions League, Arsenal have only taken steps backwards. First it was left out of the maximum continental competition, then it lost the final of the Europa League, and, finally, it has not been able to qualify for it or for the newly created Conference League. Arsenal, for the first time in more than 25 years, will not set foot in Europe this year.

The outlook at the national level is not much more rosy. On sporting merits, Leicester, a minor club, has taken its place within the Premier's Big Six, although the Gunners remain a much larger club-level entity. This season has not started well for Arteta's men either, as they have lost four of the five preseason games, drawing the other, and have lost on the opening day of the league against a newly promoted like Brentford. For the first time since becoming a professional player, Odegaard will feel what it is like to be part of a club in sporting difficulties without the safety net of returning to Real Madrid at the end of each season

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