"Painful" decision at Renault

Remi Taffin, who has been head of engines for the company until this season, is leaving the team after a "mutual agreement" decision.

They have just achieved the best possible result in a grand prix and yet Hungary's first position was accompanied by a farewell that is completely isolated from that feat. Renault, now recognized by Alpine F1 in the F1 World Cup, has lost Remi Taffin, the company's chief engine technician. The Frenchman, who joined the team in 1999, has decided to leave a team where he worked alongside Fernando Alonso during the two seasons (2005 and 2006) in which the Asturian became two-time world champion.

At that time, Taffin was active in the ranks of Renault as an engine engineer, later in 2009 he assumed general control of the team's activities within the Gran Circo and later, in 2014, his promotion led him to direct all the operations of the team with the entry of the hybrid era. Finally, just two years later, the rhombus team intensified its participation in F1 and was then promoted to technical director of engines with the mission of promoting the development of its power unit. An objective that five years later remains a pending task since the French manufacturer's propellant continues to lag behind the rest of the manufacturers that operate in the World Cup.

It is true that the French engine managed to add victories with Red Bull during the twelve years that they were allies, but the energy team ended up betting in a risky way on the Honda engine from 2019. After that break, several seasons came without giving a significant boost to the power unit, and that has been the main cause that has led both the team and Taffin to consider that the best option for both was to go their separate ways. The French team is now working on a revolutionary engine for 2022 that allows it to be at the level of the big manufacturers and the French is left out of that project after a decision of "mutual agreement" as they have confirmed to 'Autosport'.

A "painful" decision

Despite the loss of a key member to date within Renault's F1 project, the company is now not looking for a direct replacement and instead, responsibilities will be shared among current staff working at the factory. Despite the changes Marcin Budkowski, CEO of Alpine, has made it clear that the optimism within the structure about its future plans has not changed and justified the departure of Taffin: “The election was driven by the fact that we were planning to introduce a completely new engine together with the new chassis regulations. ”

With these statements, it seems that the blame falls indirectly on the new regulation that comes into force as of next season, although it also speaks of a situation that "was not ideal" to fulfill its plans: "The new power unit has a new architecture and changes that are designed to address our weaknesses compared to competitors. The engine development program that I had set for this year did not have the necessary resources and that is why we decided to put all our efforts in 2022. It was all a strategic decision ”. "I think it is the right thing to do, but it is painful", remarks the executive director of the brand, to justify the decision again: "The result is that this year we have lost ground with our competitors" .

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