Date for the big offensive

Real Madrid draws up a plan to achieve the 'signing of the decade'. The great offensive will be in the last 48 hours if PSG has not negotiated before.


We are only ten days away from the market closing and the Madrid offices insist on transmitting "tranquility" when you ask them about the resolution (happy or negative) of the assault on the signing of Mbappé. There is an irrefutable reality and it is that Florentino Pérez considers his arrival a priority and that it will be consumed late (next season it would arrive for free) or early (between now and August 31, the transfer market closes). The second truth that no one can dispute, not even the Emir of Qatar, is that Mbappé's decision not to renew his contract with PSG (it ends in 2022) is more mature than ever and has no turning back.Starting from the basis of the difficulty of convincing PSG to sit down to negotiate, since they have never done so as the cases of Verratti, Rabiot or Neymar demonstrate, Madrid maintains a temperate but insistent strategy like the Malaysian drop. The key is to have achieved that the will of the player is unbreakable. That has puzzled Leonardo, PSG's sports director, who for months gave up when he saw that he did not advance a single meter with the Parisian. That explains why Al-Khelaïfi, president of the French club, was haughty and pointed with Mbappé, taking advantage of Messi's presentation as a new PSG signing: "He wanted a sports project that lived up to his expectations and there is no better one. has an excuse not to renew ... ". Those words, as AS has learned, have hurt Mbappé, who also continually receives signs of affection and support from Madrid. Benzema, without going any further, often messages him reflecting the joy that his signing and his arrival at the new Bernabéu would bring. In the last European Championship they struck up a sincere friendship that continues.

The proof that PSG does not have them all with him is that Pochettino does not dare to affirm that Kylian will continue next year for sure, despite having a contract in force. PSG's tactic in mounting a cold war to 7 also does not help to remove the idea of leaving Paris from his head. The ultras, controlled by the club, booed him without embarrassment during the presentation of the team in the Parc des Princes last Saturday. The next day, the club allowed itself the luxury of repeating the video on its own social networks recording the moment in which Mbappé closed the hall door at the exit of the changing rooms, staging a possible crack march. And on top of the poster to promote the Tour of the Park of the Princes, Mbappé appears heeled to the right, behind Messi and with a reduced size to praise the figure of the Argentine.In spite of everything, Madrid have asked Mbappé to endure and not make statements that could anger the sheikh, something that with PSG does not usually work. For this reason, Madrid prefers to keep the negotiation line open to finish, if it is not fixed before, with a great offensive on the 30th. By then, PSG will have already played its last Ligue 1 game before the national team break, so they will not be able to accuse Madrid of altering their sporting performance.

Arrived on that day 30, Madrid is willing to present a great economic offer given that its good financial policy has achieved that there is money in the box. The range is between 130 and 170 million. But PSG must agree to negotiate. That's the key.

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