Cristiano revives the game of the number

The Portuguese star has shared on his social networks a photograph of his previous stage in Manchester with his number, the '7', currently Edinson Cavani.


Cristiano Ronaldo keeps the 'number game' alive. The number that has accompanied the Portuguese for almost his entire career has been '7', both at Manchester United and at Real Madrid and Juventus. However, that number is currently worn by Edinson Cavani, so it seems almost ruled out that Cristiano will play with him again. Most likely, he will choose the '28', with which he debuted at Sporting de Portugal, in the same way that Messi did when choosing the '30' at PSG.

In spite of everything, Cristiano has shared a photograph on his social networks today that could enliven this issue. This is a snapshot of Ronaldo during his first spell as a Manchester United player. The highlight is that the Portuguese has chosen a photo in which you can see his back and, therefore, the number '7' that he was wearing.

Today the signing of the contract has been made official and the final figures of the operation have been known: 15 million euros to Juventus, plus 8 million in goals. The number that Cristiano Ronaldo will wear on his return to Manchester United is not yet known, but the Portuguese has made clear what his preferences are.

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