Copa Libertadores 2021 quarterfinals: how is the tie decided if it ends in a draw? Are there penalties?

After the round of 16 of the Copa Libertadores 2021 has been completed, we will tell you how the results of the quarterfinals will be.


After playing the round of 16 of the Copa Libertadores de América, now the quarterfinals begin, with five Brazilian teams and River as the only Argentine candidates. We will tell you how it would be defined in the second leg in the event of a tie.

Eliminatory in case of a tie

To define the quarterfinals that remain tied, CONMEBOL explained in its official regulations that there are three ways to determine which team goes to the next round of the championship in case of finishing tied: 444 444Criterion: Greater Goal Difference. The goal difference is obtained by subtracting the goals scored from the goals received. Criterion: If equality subsists, the position will be defined in favor of the club with the highest number of goals in favor acting as a visitor. Criterion: If equality still persists, a series of kicks will be taken from the penalty spot, in accordance with IFAB / FIFA rules, until the winner is defined.

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