Clau, Moleiro, Álex García and Sergi Cardona remain in the first team

This was announced by the president of the entity, Miguel Ángel Ramírez, during the team's usual visit to the Virgen del Pino.


New step ahead of the quarry in this preseason, which is nearing its end, after Ramírez, the club's largest shareholder and president, announced this afternoon that the base players Clau, Moleiro, Álex García and Sergi Cardona will be part of of the first team squad, with a subsidiary file, and they remain as one more under the command of Pepe Mel.

Everything indicates that the reinforcements are at home with this announcement, since, in addition, MÁR explained that "no more arrivals are expected, but this is football, you never know but in principle we are going to stay as we are", so In the absence of a good option in the market, the youth squad will occupy those gaps in the squad, where it is worth highlighting a proper name such as Alberto Moleiro, who has dazzled with his football and clairvoyance in the center of the field.

The 17-year-old footballer, of Tenerife origin, is being a key player in the preseason and has shown the quality he has during the yellow stage in Marbella. In fact, even Pepe Mel has had good words for his pupil recently, commenting that “he has matured and has taken a step forward. For me he is a footballer with all the guarantees of the first team. The season is long, we hope that he will play that role and keep it. But they asked me that question three years ago - referring to Pedri - and look what happened. ”

With such youth, the player was already called up last year seven times with the first team, with which he had made the preseason, but never made his debut and against Valladolid he will have the first opportunity to fulfill his dream. In total, last year he played two games with Las Palmas Atlético, four with Las Palmas C and 25 with the Juvenil División de Honor.

A very different case is that of Clau Mendes from Lanzarote, who was already habitual last season with the first team and who has just renewed for one more season, who has before him a unique opportunity to consolidate and change the dynamics of the past, where he was penalized for his behavior and Mel returned it to the subsidiary with the occasional taunt to the footballer. Now, at 20, he will have to find his place against players like Peñaranda, Jesé or Sadiku on the attack front.

And, finally, there are Ale García and Sergi Cardona, a footballer who has also convinced in Marbella and may even be ahead of Benito in the left-back position, taking into account that the villager still has back problems and the club is not considering bringing in a left back. He played 24 games last year at Las Palmas Atlético and may start in the first league game.

For them to stay and join Viera in the future, the president has commented that they work "in two or three exits from the staff" and it is not clear that Fabio is one of them, since he said that "Fabio has renewed us and it would be a contradiction to remove it now. ”

On the other hand, regarding the meeting that the Ministry of Health and the communities will hold this Wednesday to agree on the limitations that will mark the return of the public to mass sporting events, the yellow leader assured that "at this time some 12,000 or 13,000 people at the Gran Canaria Stadium, between subscribers and non-subscribers. Now we are talking about what we would have for the first game. "In this way, with more than 6,000 subscribers, but far from that figure of 12,000 spectators, there would be no problem for all the yellow members to enjoy their team on August 15 at the Gran Canaria Stadium.Las Palmas will receive 40 million from LaLiga

As if it were a miracle in these times of economic crisis or a lottery prize, LaLiga has managed to carry out a millionaire operation with CVC, worth 2,700 million for the 42 professional clubs and the competition, where UD Las Palmas will receive around 40 million that will be used to mitigate losses during these years of pandemic and strengthen itself economically.

This great help, where the UD will receive approximately 40 million, the club will be able to allocate 15 percent to the cost of its staff and the remaining 85 percent of it will be allocated as follows: 70 percent in investments and infrastructures and the other 15 percent in refinancing debts and dealing with losses caused by the pandemic.

Las Palmas and the rest of the teams will also be able to decide how to make use of the amount that corresponds to them under the agreement with CVC during the next three seasons. LaLiga offers them the possibility of having this money available in one, two or three years.

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