City raise a statue to Silva!

Manchester City will debut a statue of the canary in front of Arsenal on the outskirts of the Etihad Stadium. They will also have theirs Kompany and Agüero.


David Silva will have a statue at the Etihad Stadium. After a decade at Manchester City (2010-2020), the Canarian footballer is one of the most important players in the club's history and this will be demonstrated from next Saturday, before the match against Arsenal, the day on which he will inaugurate his statue on the outskirts of the stadium next to that of Vincent Kompany. In addition, the 'citizen' group has announced that it is already working on the project to make the Kun Agüero sculpture, which will be unveiled in 2022.

The current Real Sociedad footballer has been delighted with the project proposed by the English team: "It is always nice to be recognized for all the time I spent at the club and with something that will remain forever. I am aware of the magnitude and the importance of having a statue there. It is a source of pride, something that the fans will be able to see in every game. I would like my family and my son to see it and have a great memory, "he said.

About his career at Manchester City, where he arrived in 2010, he adds: "My family knows that when I went to Manchester it was not easy to adapt to life and the language. Everything went well, but there was a huge effort behind it. It is the club where I spent the most years during my professional career and the club where I won the most. I love the club. Even if I didn't have a statue, my feelings towards the club would have been the same. "

Silva won four Premier League with Manchester City (2012, 2014, 2018 and 2019) in addition to two FA Cups (2011 and 2019), five League Cups (2014, 2016, 2018, 2019 and 2020) and three Community Shields ( 2012, 2018 and 2019). The Spaniard has been one of the icons of the transformation of Manchester City in recent years along with Kompany, captain in recent seasons, who will also have his sculpture: "He has been importantly responsible for the success of this club. He was the captain for many years, a true leader and he also deserves it, "explained the Canarian midfielder.

The sculptor artist of the statues, Andy Scott, has explained the difficulties when carrying out the project in recent months: "Especially with the covid situation, I could not go, I could not travel to England. I could not go to the stadium. I could not meet face to face. Everything was done remotely. And that implies enormous trust. The only thing you can do is show your previous work and tell them about other projects. And little by little, build that feeling of trust, send the images and meet regularly via zoom. I wanted to have as much information and images as possible about them. I have experiences of having created other statues in the past where I only had one or two photographs that give you an idea of the character and with that you can go ahead. In this particular case, Vincent Kompany and David Silva have millions of images on them, so it's just trying to create the right image based on those photos. afías ".

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