Chelsea prepares the highest salary in its history

In addition to the 130 million transfer, the London club has in the bedroom a salary of 250,000 pounds a week to convince Romelu Lukaku.


Chelsea continues to push for Romelu Lukaku. Although Inter have stated that the Belgian forward is non-transferable, only an offer of 130 million can change their minds. Those of Stamford Bridge have that money, they want to bring Lukaku back and that is why they have set to work to make the operation a success. The footballer has been impressed by the determination of the 'blues' to sign him, despite Inter's refusal at first.In fact, the London side are keen to make Lukaku the highest paid footballer in Chelsea history thanks to a salary of £ 250,000 a week (almost 300,000 euros), above Eden Hazard's last contract. In addition, thanks to the sales they have already achieved in this transfer market, and given that they also intend to transfer Tammy Abraham for an amount close to 30 million, Chelsea have already covered a good part of what it would cost to hire Romelu Lukaku.

In the summer that Manchester City are going to pay 100 million to sign Jack Grealish, making him the most expensive British footballer in history before Harry Kane can exceed those amounts, Chelsea do not want to be left behind. If the deal closes for the aforementioned figures of 130 million, Lukaku will be the most expensive sale in Italian football surpassing the 105 million for which Juventus sold Pogba to Manchester United.

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