Chelsea makes cash with Zouma and accounts for Koundé

The French center-back will be transferred to West Ham for 30 million euros, which allows Chelsea to make a new offer to a Sevilla who says he knows nothing


Chelsea have reached an agreement with West Ham for the transfer of French center-back Kurt Zouma for 30 million euros. A piece of news that has little to do with Sevilla if it were not for the fact that said sale allows the London club to present a new offer for Koundé that satisfies the demands of the Sevilla fans.

In Nervión, for the moment, they say they don't know anything. Although it is also stated that it is not known what may happen in the next few hours. What is clear is that Koundé will not be sold for less than the 55 million that City offered last year. In the same way, it has already been communicated to Chelsea that no offers will be heard in the last days of the market.

Meanwhile, Koundé continues to display impeccable professionalism. Again he was a starter on the second day of the League and, in addition, his performance improved compared to the opening match. The young French defender broke his face with each and every one of Getafe's attackers and spared no effort, even touching the goal on a couple of occasions.

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