Carvajal finds the way out

A volley goal from the winger gives Madrid a sprint victory. Vinicius sat Hazard down and justified the measure. Betis delivered the game when they lost sight of Canales.


It is always better to wait for Mbappé winning, even if it is the sprint. This is how Madrid saved their third consecutive outing, with a goal from Carvajal, the guard spiker. It was in a game from less to more, with saw teeth, that Betis delivered when they lost coverage with Canales and with Fekir, that part-time genius. In any case, it was not a full-fledged Madrid, but a pre-season vice-pre-season, pragmatic, we would say even boring, that squared the balance without much to brag about.

There are signings that, due to the notoriety of the affected party, the size of the negotiators, the enormous amount of the operation and the use of time as if it were gunpowder, take longer than a Vatican council. It is not necessary to explain that for the reasons stated, Mbappé's is one of them. Cases like this suck so much camera that they can lead the public and the teams involved to forget that while they are discussing they are also playing. And that football is built on illusions but founded on arithmetic. So Madrid has been distracted for three weeks, with one foot in each world.

The real took him to Villamarín, where Hazard started on the bench, this time without injury or convalescence to justify it. Every day it is more difficult to believe that he did not pass the rice. He has mutated from a footballer who broke lines to a desperately linear official. Even for a very scrupulous technician with the ranks like Ancelotti. So this time he put Vinicius. Footballers like him bring the unexpected, prevent some matches from resembling each other like drops of water, and bring audiences to stadiums. Vinicius is in that group although he is still half done and there are doubts as to whether he will complete the puzzle. That's where Madrid started the game. Before minute 5 he had taken Pezzella off the track. Benzema did not buckle the Brazilian's mischief.

The blackout of Isco and Bale

In them Pellegrini was seen, who pulled Juanmi, the substitute who had given him the two points that Betis had in this League. After a bad start, his team soon balanced the game from the omnipresence of Canales, an absorbing midfielder, and the fascination of Fekir, who fantasized about the goal in a free kick that called for a cross and ended in a shot.

So he took the ball away from Madrid and reduced the events in his area to zero. Nor did it disturb the other's. In Ancelotti's, none of his most witty footballers found himself comfortable. From Isco, in a shady area, to Benzema, away from the area, passing through Bale, a player with enormous absences during matches. So there was a Madrid in pocket edition, forced to defend itself and without midfielders to clean up their game throughout the first half, beyond Valverde's long drives.Another Madrid

A Madrid came back from rest with better spirits in the pressure and went more to the point. Vinicius returned, Benzema appeared, came out of the Bale coma. Two offside spoiled their first attacks, but Betis lost the connection with Canales and Fekir. The coup of authority took immediate effect. A counter, caused by an error by Juanmi, ended with a precise sending of Benzema, volleyed forcefully by Carvajal to put his team ahead. That was the most noticeable effect of Madrid that returned from the break: the full-backs gave him wings. It was then that Ancelotti tested Asensio, who one day will have to stop running the Tour del Porvenir, as an interior and looked for a winger with more lap, Lucas Vázquez. This time the substitutions of Isco and Bale were justified.

There was no Betic swerve, beyond a final occasion by Montoya. Those that Pellegrini put in did not improve those that came out and Madrid was able to lower the volume of the game with a last emergency reform due to the injury of Miguel Gutiérrez. Carvajal finished on the left side and Lucas Vázquez, on the right. The data gives one to think that the team has fallen short behind. Everything is for Mbappé.

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