Bou scores the first at home

The Spaniard wins the first round in Andorra. He tied at 46 points with Raga, but being faster gives him victory and makes him more of a leader.


Toni Bou is still on a roll. The Repsol Honda rider, after his victory in Charade (France), has achieved his second consecutive victory and third of the four tests that we have in the World Championship. The reigning champion has not had one of the most comfortable victories of his professional career, but it has served to increase his income in the general drivers' classification. He has scored three more points to his maximum rival and current pursuer, Adam Raga, and they remain 77 to 64.

The Tarragona did not make it easy for Bou on the first day of the Andorran track. Both riders finished the first day with a 46-point accumulated penalty card in the 12 zones marked in Sant Juliá. In the first round, Toni won, where he had 24 points to Adam's 25. In the second it was the other way around and Raga beat Bou with 17 penalty points, and the home side scored 19.

If the cards had been counted only by the penalty points for each round, Raga would have been the winner by one point. Instead, the time penalties counted and put the tables between both drivers with the final 46 points. Bou got the victory by being faster in both rounds. Honda's got a cumulative time of 4:30:49, while TRRS's got 4:32:17. For a minute and a half, the one from Ulldecona, made three of four of what we have been in the World Cup and scored three more points of difference with Raga.

The podium was closed by the Italian Matteo Grattarola 19 points behind the first classified, he obtained a penalty card of 65 points. Jaime Busto was on the verge of forming the Spanish triplet, only six points behind. It looks like the Sunday test will be another direct duel between Bou and Raga, we will see if this time there is as much equality as in the first day of the TrialGP of Andorra.

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