Binder wins the craziest race in front of Bagnaia and Martín

The South African was the only one of the six at the top who did not change his bike four laps from the end due to the rain and barely resisted on his feet.


Unforgettable race in MotoGP that of the Austrian GP. A real madness lived at the Red Bull Ring. The intermittent onset of rain led to four laps remaining for five of the six leading riders into the pits to change the bike from dry to wet settings. Márquez, Quartararo, Martín, Mir and Bagania did. The one who decided to stay on the track, with dry tires in the wet assault, was a Binder who barely survived on his KTM, scare after scare, to end up crossing the finish line as the winner, with a 9.9 advantage over Bagnaia and 11.5 over Martin.

Actually, it was three more seconds that the South African had on the finish line, but stepping on the green on the last lap caused him to be penalized with three seconds, something that this time did not matter, because he was also first in the KTM house with a KTM. Esp caused the general delight of some stands that occupied 86,376 spectators, present without restrictions or capacity limits as before the pandemic. They had the prize of witnessing a unique and unforgettable race.

The test had a fun change of positions in the first laps, with Bagnaia trying the break and with Márquez, Quartararo and Martín distributing axes of all colors. Zarco followed closely behind them, but was knocked out with a crash when he was fifth on lap 18. The race entered flag-to-flag mode from the first lap, because that is when the white flag appeared authorizing the pilots to enter boxes to change bikes whenever they want.

The raindrops came and went, but it was six laps from the end that it got a little hotter. It was there that the race entered Marquez territory, because he is a specialist in these circumstances, and he took the lead. The trio that made up him, Bagnaia and Quartararo was expanded to a group of six in which Martín, Mir and Binder also had a place, who was the one who arrived from the back and the one who hit the mark by staying on the asphalt four laps from the end, when his travel companions decided to change their motorbike.

From that moment on, qualifying was a real madness, with riders in the front on dry tires running much slower than others behind on wet tires. Marquez was going for the note, but he fell to the ground when he was tenth, two laps from the end. Had he not fallen, he would have had time to reach the podium, because Bagnaia and Martín were able to do it, to be second and third, away from the hero Binder, but ahead of the others who stayed on the track without changing their motorbike. He also had time to go back to Mir, to be fourth, ahead of Marini and Lecuona, who are among those who ended up with dry wheels in the rain. Quartararo was seventh, just ahead of Rossi, and comes out more leader from here, because he arrived with 40 points over Zarco and now he takes 47 to Bagnaia and Mir, who are the ones who share the second place.

Aleix Espargaró, who faced the last lap from second place, finished tenth. Further back, Rins 14th, Márquez 15th and Pol 16th.

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