Bilbao Basket already has the first

Triumph in his second game in Gijón against Hereda San Pablo Burgos (68-59). The Rousselle and Luz bases are missing, but important pieces are being incorporated and the sensations are good.


Bilbao Basket already has the first one. After losing to Breogán in the pre-season premiere, in an appointment marked by absences, with almost everyone he beat Hereda San Pablo Burgos (68-59) in his second match in Gijón. The Rousselle and Luz bases are missing, but important pieces are being incorporated and the sensations are good. Those of Alex Mumbrú recovered Reyes and Hakanson, while Goudelock and Jeff Withey debuted with the men's shirt in black. Mustache was the leading scorer with 15 points. He is not Bouteille but he even has more resources when he throws the ball into the dream. Delgado (10 points, 9 rebounds and a PIR of 20) was the most valued player, a man who makes room for himself in the paint.

After a minute and a half without a score, Reyes was in charge of breaking the drought (2-0). The return of Hakanson gave freshness in the position of one, and Bilbao Basket got the first advantage (7-3). Inherited San Pablo Burgos managed to surpass the starting moment and send on the scoreboard thanks to a 2 + 1 from McGee (7-8). Just when Burgos seemed to leave, the locals today reacted again, and a triple by Goudelocl put Mumbrú's men ahead (15-15). A good move by Mustache allowed the men in black to finish the first quarter with a slight advantage (17-15) .

The second quarter started again shy in scoring. Kravic put his team ahead (17-19), but Bigote appeased the Burgos offensive with a triple (20-19). Midway through the second quarter, Kravic reimposed the advantage for his team (22-24). The MIBs were back to overcome, this time with a partial of 8-0 in which Goudelock put the icing on the cake with a triple (30-24). The break came with a 35-28 favorable to Men In Black.

In the third quarter, the Bilbao difference continued thanks to the intensity in all the actions. A 2 + 1 from Mustache placed the maximum at 48-34. Bilbao Basket enjoyed defense and attack, and Goudelock waited for his moment to appear and put Mumbrú's team up 15 (51-35). The Burgos came back before the horn to reach the end of the third (53-42) alive.

The last quarter began with the 'men in black' pressing again and waiting to find opportunities. A triple by Mustache gave Mumbrú's men a good return (58-42). The temporary Ferreiro offered good sensations in the base position, and two of his assists to Miniotas and Delgado respectively stretched the Biscayan advantage (62-44). In the final stretch, Burgos pressed again, and 1:27 from the end managed to get close to nine with a basket from Rabaseda (68-59). This is how the final score remained, with the first victory for the MIB 2021-22, which debuted their modern and groundbreaking jersey.

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