Beautiful, already in Madrid after an acute "intestinal obstruction"

The center-back felt unwell after eating, Atleti in Wolfsburg. He was discharged after an MRI and spent the last hours with a nasogastric tube.


Mario Hermoso is already in Madrid. The rojiblanco footballer received medical discharge this morning after spending a day and a half hospitalized in Wolfsburg after suffering "an episode of intestinal obstruction that has been resolved satisfactorily", as reported by Atlético on his Twitter account and landed tonight, around 23:00 hours.

The center-back became unwell on Saturday, after eating. Atlético had traveled to Germany that morning by plane (Madrid-Hannover) and bus (Hannover-Wolfsburg) to play the third friendly match of the five that will play this summer of 2021, Hermoso began to feel "acute abdominal pain" and warned to the doctor, Óscar Celada, with whom he would later travel to the hospital, when he saw that the pain did not subside. Atlético played their friendly without 22. They also returned to Madrid without Hermoso, who stayed in Germany for observation.

After undergoing an MRI yesterday morning and receiving food and medicine through a nasogastric tube during these last hours, Hermoso received the medical discharge around 12:00 to be able to return to Madrid with Atleti and with his family, his girlfriend and her daughter, who was born just a month ago.

Hermoso, a key footballer

Hermoso is one of the footballers who had played, up to Wolfsburg, as a starter in all Atlético games this summer. Not only is he one of the seven with whom Simeone was able to start training, he is also one of those that for the Argentine coach count, his sixth footballer in LaLiga 2021, with 3,019 minutes.

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