Barça's outside shot executes Limoges

Barça's triple festival, thicker on the inside, which got rid of its rival without any difficulty in Laprovittola's debut.


Barça had no problem getting rid of Limoges (83-47) in a game where they were clearly superior from the first minutes. The Catalans struck out at their rival from the perimeter, where Mirotic and Abrines had no problem scoring recurrently from three. A sample of the enormous quality and potential of those of Jasikevicius, candidates for all titles. They had it more complicated on the inside, where it was noted that there are still games to fit all the pieces that the Lithuanian coach handles. Nothing serious, that's what pre-season games are for, and that confirms that this is going to be a very difficult team to beat as soon as the players internalize the automatisms. Success, intensity and competitive spirit remain intact.

The difference in potential between Barça and Limoges was evident from the first moment, even before the game started, both due to the names of the players and their height. It could not be expected that the French would fight the match against the League and Cup champion and Euroleague finalist, especially when Barça did not exactly go out for a walk. High defense, intensity and competitiveness on the Barça side who, with Laprovittola as orchestra conductor, quickly went 12-2. While Limoges had a lot of trouble scoring, Barça were devastating from the outside. Five triples from five different players in the first minutes, in which they doubled their rival's score (24-12) .

With Jokubaitis on the track, accompanied by Calathes, Barça continued without scoring points from the paint and allowed a little more to their rival. Some easy basket from Limoges, mainly the result of defensive imbalances by Jasikevicius' team. Badji enjoyed a few minutes, Oriola was absent due to physical problems, and between Davies and Mirotic the Catalans also began to add on the inside (43-21). And, to the delight of Barça and the misfortune of Limoges, Mirotic was already at a very high level. With an insulting superiority from the outside, where the Limoges defenders were not even able to bother him in the shots of three. Both teams lost more balls than usual, typical of the preseason, but Jasikevicius was not amused. And after the break, Abrines finished putting the finishing touches on the French. Three triples in a row from the Mallorcan, who placed the score at a blushing (59-25). Limoges increased the defensive intensity, while Barça relaxed, making up the result with a partial of 0-9.

The final minutes followed the same dynamic as the game, with a festival of Barça triples (up to ten different players scored) and a Limoges that was as willful as it was ineffective. The youngest entered a quintet where Jokubaitis (20 years old) was the only player of the first team.

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