Babin and Pedro Díaz sign a convincing victory

The youth squad, who scored the goal of the afternoon, and the Panamanian Rodríguez, novelties in the local eleven, led the team to victory against a weak rival.


Djuka did not score nor Mariño needed to appear with a stellar performance but Sporting won. Babin and Pedro Díaz signed on this occasion a convincing victory for David Gallego's team, which only had a mole from the Mirandés goal that made us fear for a final that was expected to be calm in El Molinón. The strategy actions continue to bring headlong, never better said, the rojiblanco team.

Sporting was better than Mirandés and deserved a clearer victory, without last minute worries. The two novelties in the line-up, Pedro Díaz and especially José Luis Rodríguez, gave another air to the Gijon team. Puma won the stands and was exhibited in all facets of the game, in attack, with shots on goal, with assists and even helping in defense. The Panamanian did everything well and not a few wonder why he had few minutes in the first two games, especially in the second because in the first he had just arrived in Gijón.

Mirandés was not the rival of last April, weaker in the midfield and in defense, which resulted in a poor attacking experience. The best chance was a header from Gelabert (9 ') who narrowly went wide. The rest of the match only had a foul that Imanol launched and Mariño served without trouble (66 '), in addition to Simón's goal (82'), at the service of a foul by Imanol himself that the Sportinguista defenders did not defend well. The visitor goal caused some nervousness in the local parish but the Gallego team knew how to take control in the final minutes.

Most of the game was dominated by Sporting, which this time seemed to have a clear slogan: you have to shoot at goal from any position, do not go to say that this team is not looking for the goal. In effect, because there were shots from all positions and all the players in the local attack tried, except those who usually shoot at the first exchange.

Aitor is the only one who does not appear in some notes that featured Puma Rodríguez as the protagonist in this aspect; The Panamanian who had the best chance with 2-1 on the scoreboard shot up to six times, with a shot taken by Raúl Lizoain sent for a corner. Djurdjevic (6 ', 45' and 85 '), Fran Villalba (18', 19 'and 49') and even Gaspar, in added time, also tried on different occasions, although the most accurate was Pedro Díaz with the goal afternoon.

A dry, powerful and mid-range shot by Pedro Díaz - also a reserve in the first two days - made Raúl Lizoain's stretches useless to put calm on the scoreboard. However, Babin's 1-0 play, in another badly defended play in this case in the visiting area, seemed short for the local merits before the break.

At the end, Sporting's second win that continues to be strong in its field. David Gallego's team wants to turn El Molinón into an impregnable fortress, as it was last season until Mirandés arrived ten days from the end. But the boar set this time was not the same.

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